After being Reincarnated as a Villainess, I Only Want You to be Happy. chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Today is a fateful day. This is the day I will be condemned.

“Daughter of Duke D’Vogue, Americaine! We have all the evidence to the things you did to Bouquet! Moreover, His Majesty has already approved the cancellation of your engagement with me! “

A little later, His Highness would definitely say so.

Everything has already been decided since long ago.

After that, I will be disregarded, and will be sent to the monastery as a last act of mercy.

And then His Highness will be engaged to the heroine, Bouquet, and will eventually become King, enriching the country and living happily.

It has already been 17 years since I was reincarnated into this world, “Mellow Fragrance of Love”. It has been so long. Finally, we arrived at the ending of the Prince.


I have the memory of what you call my past life.

I remember being a member of a race called OL [Office Lady] in a country called Japan.

I awakened these memories when I was four years old. 「I know the future of these people」, was how I came to know.

I knew this world was a game. It was just like the otome game I was addicted to just before my death in the past life, 「Mellow Fragrance of Love」.

Capturing the Prince route was one with MAX difficulty. Even if I read the strategy book again and again, I still couldn’t clear the event though I had tried many times.

And around that time, when I happened to die in an accident, I was able to be reincarnate in the world of 「Mellow Fragrance of Love」 perhaps because god (maybe) understood my obsession to it.

In return, the condition was to offer my soul after I die in this world. It seems my soul is much stronger and more valuable than usual, probably because of my extreme attachment.

Taking a soul in exchange is like something devils do, but since I already died once, I don’t really mind. If the Crown Prince gets to live a happy life in exchange for my soul, then of course I would gladly give it up.

Thus, I accepted living a new life in this world.

At the beginning, I was shocked when the memories of my previous life were revived and I remembered the relationship between people in this world. I thought that I would surely be reborn as the heroine Bouquet, but I had become the villainess Americaine instead. Americaine is the fiancee of the Crown Prince and is a character who remains jealous of Bouquet who kept on approaching him. As Americaine, I have no ending wherein I would end up tied to the Prince.

Being the actual fiancee of the Prince whom I loved from my past life, I fell in love with him all over again. However, there is no future where he and I can be happy. What a tragedy.

Then I made some thinking. Above all else, I want His Highness to be happy.

From this time on, my goal was not to have a happy ending with the Prince, but to have the Crown Prince be happy. If that wish comes true, then it doesn’t matter whatever happens to me.

The Americaine in the game, above being convicted at the school graduation ceremony and being dismissed from her engagement, she was sent to be imprisoned in a monastery for life. In other words, her life was not taken.

If so, I would be offering my life to the god who helped me fulfil my wish? Then praying to that god for the rest of my life is not a bad outcome.

Fortunately, the events were held almost perfectly with the strategy book I wrote based from my previous life. As soon as I remembered my past, I wrote it down so that I would not forget it. I took advantage of it and, after I entered the academy, I continued to hold events.

Hiding Bouquet’s shoes, pointing out faults in her words and actions, and classically pushing her down the stairs, I did them all.

I don’t feel guilty because I know that the heroine Bouquet won’t die anyway.

Thus, I look forward to today’s graduation ceremony.

I made all the necessary arrangements to strengthen my conviction today for His Highness.

Bouquet is fine since she’s the heroine and she has a strong heart that cannot be overwhelmed even by my continued harassment. Being able to support His Highness, I’m relieved.

Moreover, as will be revealed after this, Bouquet is the daughter of the royal brother who descended as a subject – the Duke of Poisson.

She was assassinated when she was a baby and made to run away with her handmaiden. It was then announced that 「the Princess died of illness」 to make the assassins stop the chase, and she was raised as a commoner. But when she was old enough to enter the academy, Bouquet entered the school as a daughter of a highly esteemed Baron family.

In other words, the true identity of Bouquet is the same duke daughter as I. There is nothing wrong with her becoming a Crown Princess.

Having raised as a commoner, she has a freewheeling and flexible way of thinking, and she has also acquired the minimum manners necessary from the academy. It is necessary to do a little bit of queen education, but if it’s her, she can definitely do it. It is then the completion of the Crown Princess who can think about things from the people’s perspective.

I’m sure it will make His Highness happy.

Oh, I can see it. The ending screen ── After the wedding, two people standing side by side on the balcony of the castle and waving to the people.

The only thing I regret is that I can’t see the two of them live.

At that time, I would already be in a monastery.

Still, it’s fine this way.

After all, the most important thing is that His Highness is happy.

Even though I can’t see them directly, I can still probably hear rumors about the two of them.

That alone will allow me to live my remaining days. I can offer even my soul.

If His Highness can be happy.


“I take this opportunity to make a serious announcement.”

His Highness, who had Bouquet by his side, stopped me and called out.

Now it’s time for the final big stage.

Let’s play this hateful villainous girl until the end.

“Americaine. I’m just confirming this, but the one who stole Bouquet’s shoes is you, right?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. For me hiding that poor girl’s shoes, I have no use for it.”

“Even though you won’t use it, you may still hide it from Bouquet.”

“I’m not as free as to go out of my way seeing that crappy daughter walking barefoot.”

“What about you abusing Bouquet for finding faults in her language and manners?”

“I did not abuse her at all. However, as a student attending my school, I could not always keep a blind eye on her manners and so merely told her to be careful.”

“Okay. So, what about pushing Bouquet down the stairs two months ago?”

“Oh, wasn’t she the only one responsible for slipping on her own? I wouldn’t want to be told that I pushed her down just because I happened to be nearby. Since you’re saying that much, there must be some witnesses, huh? “

“Of course. There were people who were watching unknowingly.”

Is that so. There were witnesses. In the game, the royal spy had witnessed the Americaine pushing Bouquet down and reported it to His Majesty.

Of course, His Highness also reported this to His Majesty. And this was exactly the trigger of my ruin as a villain.

Today in this place, the exposition of all the evidences of my wrongdoings, the cancellation of my and his Highness’s engagement, the return of Bouquet to the Duke, and the announcement of her engagement with His Highness.

The game me would make a fuss about it, but now that it’s a reality, I’ll at least be condemned obediently.

“… You’re not surprised, huh, as expected. He really did something stupid. I would like to ask one thing.”

The prince opened his mouth. It is now the time for my conviction. However, this kind of dialogue does not seem to be in the game…

“Do you know Bouquet’s standing?”

Oh, so you wanted to talk about the origin of Bouquet here. The order has changed, but it’s not a big deal. Well, now is the time to play dumb.

“No. Is there something?”

Of course, I as Americaine does not know that Bouquet is actually the daughter of a Duke.

“I see, as expected, you also knew. I don’t know how you knew, but now I’m convinced.”


What does that mean? I said I didn’t know. And what is convincing?

“Oh, you’re unusually having an 「I don’t understand」 face. Speaking of Bouquet’s standing, everyone here is aware that she was taken in by Baron Garuni three years ago. You should have known it too. Saying you don’t know, on the contrary, means that you know the whole truth. And now while we’re at it, I also want everyone else to listen. The Bouquet right here is the daughter of the Duke of Poisson who was said to have died 17 years ago. There were various people aiming for her life, so she was raised as a commoner all this time. Today, in this moment, she has officially returned to the Poisson family.”

I understand the gasping and commotions from behind me.

Everyone seems upset. After all, the opponent who they used to ridicule turned out to be a daughter from a Duke family. Now I’m looking forward to how they apologize for their rudeness.

No, now is the time to talk about my conviction.

His Highness is only waiting for the buzz to subside. From there, he will condemn me.

“Next, my fiancee, Americaine…”


At that time, I intently looked at His Highness so that I will not miss any changes in his expression.

After all, this is the last opportunity I get to see His Highness, so I won’t take my eyes off him even for an instant. 

“Originally, I should have met my princess immediately before this graduation started, but it didn’t go that way.”

Ah, it’s kind of warm, his words are soft.

Still, there is a convincing air from the surroundings. I know what I’ve done, so it’s just natural.

However, in the words that followed, I doubted my ears. 

“Americaine will be in charge of the education of Bouquet for the time being. Unfortunately, there are many points where Bouquet cannot be called a lady. I’m asking Americaine, who’s the same daughter of a Duke, to teach Bouquet. For the time being, if Bouquet will be recognized as a proper lady half a year later, then Americaine would be immediately welcomed to be my princess. If it cannot be done, then unfortunately, it will be postponed for another half year. Americaine, I know it’s bothersome, but I’m counting on you.”

I’m counting on you, you say!? No, I have to reply to His Highness.

“I’m afraid you said postponed?”

Shouldn’t it abandoned?

“It’s unfortunate, but unavoidable. As expected, we can’t let the prince and princess educate the daughter of the Duke.”

I’m not referring to that!

Really now! You already know, don’t you!

“Your Highness said that you already knew what I did to her. Did you not think I would be unfit to be her educator?”

I’m a woman who harassed Bouquet so much and even pushed her down the stairs, you know?

“Of course I already know. Everyone needs to listen too. In fact, Americaine has always known Bouquet’s identity. Also, she had always protected her without anyone knowing. All the reprimanding words Americaine used to say are all things a noble daughter must know. The only way to admonish while hiding Bouquet’s identity was to disguise herself. Also, although Bouquet had shadows and escorts, it was difficult for them to stay nearby, and because of the fact that her identity must be kept hidden, there were many times when she was out of their reach. Americaine then helped with that. When the shoes Americaine hid were checked, a poison needle was found. Americaine hid Bouquet’s shoes so she couldn’t wear them. The hidden shoes were secretly handed to an escort.”

What did you say!? Speaking of which, the shoes I had hidden disappeared before I knew it, but the spy had actually collected them!?

“And then, at that time she pushed Bouquet down the stairs, assassins were actually aiming for Bouquet with a blowgun. Americaine knocked her out of the way, making the blower miss. The blowgun was later recovered, and as expected, it was laced with poison. I also know that the needle had penetrated Americaine’s sleeve. In short, Americaine saved Bouquet by sacrificing herself. To be honest, it is a foolish task for the future queen to sacrifice herself, but her heart should be praised. His Majesty also knows the circumstances, and that’s why this request was made. Americaine, no matter what, please let Bouquet grow into a proper lady in half a year. “

“I… I…”

My knees suddenly went weak but His Highness’ hand caught me. 

I pulled my hand and suddenly fell into His Highness’ embrace.

To think something like this will happen…

His Highness placed his mouth near my ears,

“Thinking I may have lost you, I feel so down. I won’t forgive myself if I ever place you in anymore danger.”

He whispered.

To think His Highness is thinking about me…

“Listen, finish everything in half a year. Don’t make me wait any longer.”


Apparently, I once again failed to capture the Crown Prince by the heroine.

But, of course, if I can make His Highness happy by myself, then I have no objections. Above all else, I’ll do my best to support His Highness.

Thank you, God. When I die, I will properly offer up my soul.

But before that, I wonder if it would be alright to give charity to the temple later.

After being Reincarnated as a Villainess, I Only Want You to be Happy.

After being Reincarnated as a Villainess, I Only Want You to be Happy.

After being Reincarnated as a Villainess, I only Wish to Push you to Happiness., Akuyaku Reijō ni Tensei Shita Watashi ga Nozomu no wa, Oshi no Shiawasedesu., 悪役令嬢に転生した私が望むのは、推しの幸せです。
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I am Americaine, daughter of the Duke of D’Vogue. I am the fiancee of His Highness, the Crown Prince. I was reincarnated in this world similar to the otome game I was addicted to in the past as a villain. What I wish for is the happiness of His Royal Highness. To that end, I have continued to harass the heroine, aiming for the happy ending between her and His Highness. And today was the day of my conviction.


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