About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend” chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Wait!!! I don’t have time for flirting right now…!!!”


I shouted at the top of my lungs.


“Wha…What?! Taiyo, don’t be so loud all of a sudden!”




“I need to rush and get ready for school quickly! Wait for me here.”


“School …? Oh, Yeah! School today! What time is it!?”


She forgot there was school today…Really?…This Girl…


“It’s already past nine! Though there are a lot of things I want to ask Yuzuki, but … those can wait!”


“Uh-huh! I get it! …… Arghhh! My Uniform is all wrinkled now!”


That’s what you get, right? I thought; however, I refrained from voicing it as it might make her angry.


I hurriedly washed my face, brushed my teeth, and adjusted my hair. Normally I would take my time and be more careful, but today I couldn’t be bothered with the details.


I quickly went back to my room, changed into my uniform and picked up my school bag—Where did Yuzuki go? …


I don’t have time for this…


I headed into the living room.


“Oh! Taiyo! Oni-giri are almost ready. Just wait a minute.”


There was Yuzuki, standing in an apron, holding an onigiri1in her hand.


“NO, NO, NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE YOU MAKING ONIGIRI?!”(TLN:-Boi if you made her cry i will hunt you to the ends of the world and erase you from existence :D)


“Because You haven’t eaten breakfast yet,Taiyo!”


“No, I don’t have time for it today! Let’s go!”


“No! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ! What if you didn’t eat it and faint!”


“No. It won’t happen! Besides, I sometimes don’t even eat breakfast”


“What? I’ll get mad if you do that from now on!”


Honestly, what is she trying to do…? Second period is starting already …However, I should be thankful that she is worrying about my health, right? 


“Let’s just get going!”


“All right, All right. Here, take this and put it in your mouth!”


Yuzuki handed me a rice ball.


“Oh, Thanks!”


I ate the rice ball Yuzuki gave me. It was delicious, with a nice salty taste.


“All right, I’m gonna make a run for it(school).”


“Taiyo…You talk a big game but I’m sure you are not as fast as me.”


While having this conversation, Yuzuki and I left the house.


In the end, we reached school twenty minutes after we left the house.


It was mainly my fault.



  1.  This is the link to the recipe in case readers would like to check it out:- Onigiri. .

About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend”

About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend”

Tsundere Osananajimi ni "Kanojo ga Dekita" to Uso wo Tsuitemita Ken ni Tsuite, ツンデレ幼馴染に「彼女ができた」と嘘をついてみた件について
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I have a childhood friend who is a tsundere. I don’t know how she came to be a tsundere, but she’s only tsundere for me.I love her so much.I love her because she’s so cute when she’s a dere.I’ve been wondering what would happen if I told my tsundere childhood friend that I had a girlfriend.


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