About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend” chapter 4

Chapter 4

I woke up in the morning with sunlight shining through my eyes. It was a school day. I tried to get up, but I wasn’t able to move my body.


Rather, it felt kinda heavy, as if someone was hugging me … this soft sensation? I’m sure there’s someone hugging me …….


A normal person might scream or faint if they were in this position, but I didn’t


I knew exactly who was in my futon.


I moved my covers away.


There was Yuzuki in her school uniform, hugging half of my body, asleep. Her skirt was so short that I could almost feel the warmth of her thighs and see her pantsu.


I had no clue how I got into this situation but I was not complaining. In fact I was happy and decided to stay in this position for a while longer.


In order to not wake up Yuzuki, I quietly picked up my cell phone, that was next to me, to check the time.


What time is it? Huh? 9:20…?


Let’s see … 1st period begins at 8:40, right? That means!! … We are already late!!


“Oh, hey Yuzuki! Wake up!”


I got up and shook Yuzuki’s shoulder. Yuzuki’s sweet smell made me feel like I was going to lose my mind; however, I managed to hold on to my sanity.(TLN:-Boi I salute you, I would just hug her again)


“What is …? I can’t … this early.”


No, no, no. She is completely sleep talking!


“Yuzuki! School’s already started! Hurry up! Hey!”


When I said this, Yuzuki’s eyes finally snapped open.


“What?! Taiyo! Why am I in your bed?! How did this happen?!”


“I don’t know anything about that! Heck,even I want to know! Because when I woke up this morning you were right next to me, and hugging me while sleeping … And I didn’t do any of those things!”


I think I might have exaggerated that last part a bit.


“Why didn’t you?! There’s a beautiful girl sleeping right next to you and you still didn’t make a move on her! Taiyo no Baka!”(TLN:-I can’t understand tsunderes oof.)


“Then, which one do you prefer!? Do you want me to do something to you?”


“Huh? I never said anything like that! Don’t misunderstand me!”


“Oh, You don’t like it when I do ecchi things to you. I see. I understand ”




Yuzuki then smacked my chest.


“I am sorry. Did I get found out?”


“Mou~~…Don’t tease me so early in the morning…”


“I am sorry, I am sorry. It’s just that Yuzuki’s reactions are so cute that I can’t help but tease you more.”


“I’m not happy … I’m not happy at all …”


Yuzuki pressed her face against my chest after she said that.


Ah …What a nice way to start a day…


“Wait!! I don’t have time to flirt with you. We are going to be late… !!!”


I shouted at the top of my lungs.

About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend”

About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend”

Tsundere Osananajimi ni "Kanojo ga Dekita" to Uso wo Tsuitemita Ken ni Tsuite, ツンデレ幼馴染に「彼女ができた」と嘘をついてみた件について
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I have a childhood friend who is a tsundere. I don’t know how she came to be a tsundere, but she’s only tsundere for me.I love her so much.I love her because she’s so cute when she’s a dere.I’ve been wondering what would happen if I told my tsundere childhood friend that I had a girlfriend.


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