About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend” chapter 3

Chapter 3

One day had gone by since the incident. Yuzuki was in my room again today. And now we were making plans to go shopping together next week.

Yuzuki looked so cute as she talked happily. In addition to that, her clothes were more revealing than usual today.

It didn’t matter how long I had known Yuzuki, I would still get excited whenever I see a beautiful girl in an erotic way.

“So, …, Taiyo … are you even listening to me? It doesn’t look like you’re listening to me at all.”

“Yeah, yeah. Of course I’m listening.”

“Really? … Well, I hope you’re listening. … So next week I’ll be at …”

It was a close call …Yuzuki almost caught me thinking about her in an erotic way. If she had found out, I would definitely receive a kick from her.(TLN:-Damn now my imaginations going wild xD)

A masochist might take the kick happily, but I was neither a masochist nor a creepy pervert. It would hurt when I get kicked, and I wouldn’t like it.

“Is that okay with you? Taiyo.”

Yuzuki said as she finished talking about her plans.

“Oh, yeah, … That’s fine, isn’t it …?”

“Why are you saying like you are asking a question? You weren’t really listening to me, were you?”

“I was listening! Seriously!”

“Hmm. Well then, can you tell me what I’ve been trying so hard to tell you?”

“Um, …, that we’re going to hang out next week…”

“ … What? That’s it? Is that all you have to say?”

” … Yeah.”


Yuzuki sighed loudly and laid down on my bed.

“Come on … you decide … Next week’s schedule … Even if I tell you, you won’t listen to me anyway.”

Yuzuki hugged my pillow and turned the other way.

“I’m sorry, Yuzuki. I’ll listen to you properly. Please don’t sulk …”

“I’m not sulking … And it doesn’t matter if you decide or I decide…”

Oh no, this is no good. She’s completely sulking. It’ll be troublesome.

“I want Yuzuki to decide. I’ll pay attention next time, so pls tell me the plan one more time.”

When I said that, Yuzuki turned to me.

“Okay, … I’ll tell you one more time. But I have one condition. If you fail to meet that condition, I won’t tell you anymore.”

“Conditions…? If I fulfill them, then you will talk to me?”

(TLN:-You Better not make her sulk again or else, me come, you ded)

“Yes… Or more accurately, if you keep your word.”

If that’s the case, I’m at your service.

“All right! Can you tell me what those conditions are?”

“When we go out next week, you have to do one thing for me. Can you promise?”

“I can do it! I’ll do anything.”

“You promised. …Then I have no choice but to tell you one more time …”

And then Yuzuki started talking again.

Yuzuki’s thighs were also very titillating when she stood up. … I had been thinking about this for a while now.

About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend”

About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend”

Tsundere Osananajimi ni "Kanojo ga Dekita" to Uso wo Tsuitemita Ken ni Tsuite, ツンデレ幼馴染に「彼女ができた」と嘘をついてみた件について
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I have a childhood friend who is a tsundere. I don’t know how she came to be a tsundere, but she’s only tsundere for me.I love her so much.I love her because she’s so cute when she’s a dere.I’ve been wondering what would happen if I told my tsundere childhood friend that I had a girlfriend.


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