About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend” chapter 2

Chapter 2

Yuzuki stared at me in silence.

I was curious so I called out to her, “Yuzuki???”


Still, Yuzuki didn’t respond to my call.

I started to wonder if Yuzuki really liked me or not…

Huh … Then you can’t blame me for lying like this.

I thought and decided to tell Yuzuki it was a lie.

“Umm, Yuzuki …, about what I said earlier …”

I was just about to tell her when Yuzuki lifted her head and showed her face

“ … ”


Yuzuki stood up and walked towards me with her head lowered..

She put her hands on my shoulders and looked up at me.

Yuzuki’s face was smeared with tears.

“Why …?  Just Why … I want to be with you forever … I will always be with you … Always! Always! Why … are you leaving me, …? Why are you going to another woman?!”

“I’m sorry Yuzuki, it’s not …!”

I hurriedly tried to clear up the misunderstanding.

“What’s the difference! …  I love you … I’ve loved you for a long time … and now you’ve become another woman’s boyfriend!. What’s different about this?”

“Listen to me, Yuzuki!”

I hugged Yuzuki tightly, who was right in front of me.

“Wait! What are you doing! You have a girlfriend! … You can’t …you can’t do this. … You’ll hurt my feelings more. … So let me go,”

“I’m sorry. I don’t really have a girlfriend.”

“What? What do you mean by that, …?”

“I’ve always been in love with you too, Yuzuki. Of course, I still am. But I don’t know if Yuzuki likes me or not, right?”

“And you’re telling me you lied to me to make sure of that?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry. I was worried. I was worried because Yuzuki was always acting indifference towards me. … I thought you might not like me. … That’s why I lied to you … I’m really sorry.”

I hugged Yuzuki a little tighter.

“Hate you … I hate you … I hate you for lying to me like that …”

Yuzuki said this, but she still hugged me.

“I don’t know about that … But I like Yuzuki …”

“Yeah. I like you too …”

“Eh? I thought you didn’t like me.”

“I was lying …”

Yuzuki then pulled away from me. Afterward, Yuzuki spoke to me with a cute smile .

“Taiyo and I both lied once. Now we’re even.”

Yuzuki then approached me once again and kissed me on the cheek.

(TLN:-I died call ambulance)

About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend”

About the Time When I Lied to My Tsundere Childhood Friend That “I Got a Girlfriend”

Tsundere Osananajimi ni "Kanojo ga Dekita" to Uso wo Tsuitemita Ken ni Tsuite, ツンデレ幼馴染に「彼女ができた」と嘘をついてみた件について
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I have a childhood friend who is a tsundere. I don’t know how she came to be a tsundere, but she’s only tsundere for me.I love her so much.I love her because she’s so cute when she’s a dere.I’ve been wondering what would happen if I told my tsundere childhood friend that I had a girlfriend.


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