A Step Forward chapter 4

Chapter 4

“That … Can I touch you this time, Ayumu?”


“U-un …”


Ayumu replied and leaned her body against mine. I could feel the sweet smell of shampoo and sweat mixed together on her neck. When my hand touched her chest, Ayumu twisted her body as if she was ticklish.




Ayumu’s breasts, not too big and not too small, fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. As I gently caressed, I could feel the softness of her breasts through her yukata.




Breathing slowly, Ayumu accepted my caress. I wondered if she was wearing anything under her yukata, but I could feel her hardened nipples against my fingertips. As I rubbed her breasts and lightly kneaded the tips, Ayumu flinched.


“Arghn~… T-Tomo-ku…. that… Ahh~”


I cuddled Ayumu from behind and put my left hand into the gap between her yukata. The feel of her soft skin absorbed my palm inside. Ayumu’s breasts were surprisingly soft, and I became engrossed in squeezing her soft breast in my hand.


“Ahh~~, there… ya~~…… mhnm~…’


I could feel the gradual rise in Ayumu’s body heat. Her hair was styled in an up-do, the exposed pure-white nape of her neck was all that I could see. With her hair up, I could clearly see the fine hair at the back of her neck. I couldn’t help myself and kissed the nape of Ayumu’s neck.


“Ahnn!? Ah~,To-Tomo-kun~~! Sore, Ah~~…”


Ayumi’s body shuddered violently at the stimulation of the unexpected place. I sucked hard on her neck, incited by her lusty calls.


“I~~… ya~~ ahn~~!!’


Ayumu’s body squirmed in my arms. When I pulled my mouth away, a spot on her neck was slightly red, like a bruise. I let out a breath and Ayumu glared at me accusingly.


“You’ve … gone too far, Tomo-kun. …”


“Haha, sorry, sorry. Can I touch your … bottom, too?”


When I asked, Ayumu nodded silently, her face turning red.


I let go of her body and walked around to the front. I knelt down and pulled up the hem of her yukata, revealing her thighs and the thin fabric covering the base of them.


“Spread your legs a little bit.”


Ayumu silently opened her legs, which were clenched. I put my hand on her panties and slowly pulled them down so as not to scare her.


In the dim light of the streetlamp, I could see that there was a full growth of dark brown hair. Underneath, the petals of a well-proportioned, bud-like flower were colored to protect the cleanly closed crack.


“Can I touch it?”


“… Yeah.”


After she gave the confirmation, I touched Ayumu’s slit.




I could feel the moistness through my fingertips. I slowly ease my finger gently along the folds, trying not to hurt Ayumu.




As I moved my finger, I could feel the transparent honey that was oozing out of it, and it gradually became slippery. A sweet gasp escaped from between Ayumu’s lips.


“Ha~… ha~… ha~…”


When I looked up, Ayumu was staring at me with a blank expression on her face  and moist eyes. I took off my shirt to prevent her yukata from getting dirty, laid it on the grass, and laid Ayumu’s body on it.


I brought my cock, which had regained all its strength, close to her glistening pussy covered with the overflowing honey. The tip struck a sensitive spot from time to time, causing Ayumu to let out a small gasp. My heart was pounding rapidly. I’m going to take .. Ayumu’s virginity.




“…Yes. Tomo-kun, come.”


I lightly kissed Ayumu’s forehead as she stared at me, and thrust my cock deep into her.


The hot sensation of her vagina on my cock was palpable. She resisted, trying to push back the foreign object that was trying to invade her secret place, and Ayumu screamed in pain.




Ayumu grabbed my shoulders as I tried to pull back in a panic.






“I-It’s okay,. It’s okay. … Keep going. …”


She looked at me and smiled with tears in her eyes, but she wasn’t okay at all. I could see that she was forcing herself to endure the pain.


“Please … please, please continue to the end.”


“But …”


“I want you to be my first.”


As Ayumu stared at me and tried her best to speak, I decided to give in.


I put some effort into my hips and split open Ayumu, who was still resisting as usual. The inside of Ayumu’s vagina tightened painfully around my penis. Ayumu let out an exhale of pain as I plunged into her vagina.


“Ahhn~~ I~~ Aaahh~~~…”


I paused for a few moments, buried deep in her vagina. It clenched tighter around my cock. This was Ayumu’s…


“I… am gonna move”




When I put a lot of pressure on it, the thin slit gradually gave way with a *puchi* sound.


When her hymen broke, it lost all its resistance and my penis penetrated halfway into her vagina.


“Ahhn~~… KYAAAAAAA!!’


Unable to endure the pain, Ayumu clawed at my shoulder and clung to me, screaming. In order to escape from the pain, she squeezed tightly as her breath became rapid and shallow.




“I’m in, …”


“Yeah. … Yeah. …”


When I called out to her, she burst into tears and nodded her head repeatedly like a little child.



Forcing myself to stop from moving right away, I slowly hunched over her, trying not to put any weight on her.


“Tomo-kun, …?”


“I’m going to stay like this for a while.”


“Can’t you move …?”


“Let’s get some rest. You’ve done a good job so far.”


“… Un.”


Ayumu wrapped her hands around my neck and hugged me tightly. I could feel the steady beat of Ayumu’s heart against my neck as she hugged me tightly. I hugged her back, and her warmth enveloped me softly. We hugged each other for a while, as if we were confirming each other’s existence.

A Step Forward

A Step Forward

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“I, Tomoya Fujiwara, am dating my childhood friend, Ayumu Takato. ”Tomoya and Ayumu have been childhood friends since they were little.They started dating when Ayumu confessed her feelings to Tomoya, but three months later, their relationship has not progressed.Today is the annual summer festival. When she arrives at the meeting place, she is a little more mature than usual…This is the story of two childhood friends who have just started dating and are about to have s*x for the first time.


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