A Step Forward chapter 3

Chapter 3

The two of us, lips to lips, were touching each other. Ayumu’s lips were so soft and cool, different from a man’s lips.


I inserted my tongue into her mouth, feeling the brush of her breath.




Confused by the feel of the foreign object invading her mouth, Ayumi hesitantly accepted me.


“Nngh… Hah… Mngh… Hah….”


It was the first time I had ever kissed someone, tangling my tongue with hers; even though we had kissed lightly as a joke.


I twirled my tongue around Ayumu’s tongue as she thrust her tongue out slowly. With the hot and slippery feeling of our lips touching each other and the sweet and sour taste of the candy apple that Ayumi was eating spread in my mouth. I felt a distant, dream-like, indescribably sweet sensation go through the back of my nose.


As our tongues continued to intertwine, my half-open mouth began to overflow with saliva. I sucked up the drop that was almost dripping from the edge of my mouth, trying hard not to spill.


“Mmmnhg?! Wa- Nggh~~! Ah… Mngh~ Fu-ah… Ahnn~~”


(T/N: Kissing sounds nothing much)


Ayumu’s tongue, which was hesitant at first, became more and more aggressive as she got the hang of it. As the saliva mixed between our tongues, she started making lustful sounds.


“Ho… Ayu~mu…chu~”


“Hmm~, ~a… Tomo-kun… Tomo, ku~u n…”


Calling each other’s names, we madly sought after each other’s tongues. It was hard to breathe and I could feel my breath escaping from my nose.


The two of us wrapped around each other, our bodies squeezed together. Ayumu’s body was hot as if on fire. Through the yukata, I felt her breasts pressing against my own body. Ayumu’s breasts squished against my chest.


“N~ u~ah… Mngh~. Chu~, Ahnn~”


When I opened my eyes, Ayumi was staring at my face as well. Her eyes were glazed over and she seemed to be surrendering to the pleasure being pumped through her mouth.


So we ended our long, long kiss. When we parted our lips in regret, a string of saliva fell from our lips.


“Haa~… Ha~a, ha~a… ha~a…”


Ayumu was breathing heavily and deeply, her face red and flushed. As for me, I was breathing hard as well, and I could feel my cock rising from the hot kiss. Even though I didn’t make contact, I could feel the sweet pleasure gushing from between my legs as I adusted my pants.


“Tomo-kun… That …”


“Ah … This …”


The next thing I knew, Ayumu was staring at the tent in my pants.


I felt awkward as she stared at it.


“Hey … Do you mind if I touch it?”


Ayumu said something outrageous.




“Is it … no …?”


I was so flustered that I couldn’t help but use honorifics, but Ayumu tilted her head and asked me.


Her adorable gesture shocked me as if my whole body was being scorched by an electric current.


“Well, uh,… P-please, please …”


When I finally managed to squeeze out the words, Ayumu placed her hands on the grass and crawled up to my crotch on all fours. With a slow, feverish movement, she unbuckled my pants with a clink. Slowly, she pulled down my pants, revealing my erect cock from inside.


“Oh, i-it’s so big … …”


Ayumu slowly reached for my penis, which was exposed to the open air.


The sensation of Ayumu’s small, cold fingers was enough to send a thrill of pleasure down my spine, and I couldn’t help but let out a gasp.




“A-are you okay? Did it hurt?”


Ayumu panicked and withdrew her outstretched hand. I stroked her head and smiled at her, trying to reassure her.


“Don’t worry, it just felt good.”


“R-really? …”


When I regained my composure, Ayumu touched my penis again.


The soft, fearfully extended fingers caught my stiffness firmly.


“Hot. …”


My thing almost burst out in her fingers, and my semen started to ooze from the tip.


I could barely keep myself from screaming, but I was already on the verge of reaching my limit. If she gave me even the slightest stimulation, I would explode at once.


“This is …, I believe. It’s that …, right?”


“Eh?! W-wait, wait!”


I didn’t know where she got this knowledge, but Ayumu moved her fingers downward. Naturally, that was the end of it.


“Ku~~ Aaaaahhh~~!!!!”


I trembled and shot my cum on her. The pleasure of ejaculation made my eyes go blank.


“Ya~~~ Kya~~~”


Ayumu screamed out, not knowing what had happened, a flood of semen was sprayed onto her face. The white liquid covered her face and splattered on the bosom of her yukata.


“….S-Sorry, Ayumu! Are you okay?”


“U-Un. …”


I hurriedly took out a handkerchief from my bag and wiped off the semen from her face and yukata. I didn’t want the semen on her yukata to become a stain.


“I’m sorry too. I didn’t think it would come out that fast. …”




Ayumu’s words were sobering and piercing. It was a shame … that I didn’t think I would cum with one stroke, let alone three and a half… I’m so pathetic.


Anyway, I could worry about the humiliation later. I decided to concentrate on wiping off the semen and cover up the humiliation.


“… But still, Ayumu. Where did you learn that?”


“U-un. I remembered my classmates talking about it. I thought I’d give it a try.”


As she laughed, Ayumu noticed that there was a residue on the cuff of her yukata. I wasn’t not sure what she was thinking, but she put her face close to it, smelled it, and then licked it off with her tongue.


“… Tastes weird.”


“What are you doing? Here give me your sleeve.”


I wiped her sleeve clean as she held it out, frowning.

A Step Forward

A Step Forward

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“I, Tomoya Fujiwara, am dating my childhood friend, Ayumu Takato. ”Tomoya and Ayumu have been childhood friends since they were little.They started dating when Ayumu confessed her feelings to Tomoya, but three months later, their relationship has not progressed.Today is the annual summer festival. When she arrives at the meeting place, she is a little more mature than usual…This is the story of two childhood friends who have just started dating and are about to have s*x for the first time.


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