A Sloth and a Tree Spirit chapter 8

Chapter 8


Disharmony in life was the enemy of intimacy.

In order to put an end to this disharmony, Lin Sen began to observe Su Lan’s life schedule.

He found that basically Su Lan could sleep for twenty hours a day. In the rest of the time, he used three hours a day to enjoy food slowly and an hour to go to the toilet and bathe. His waking up time was consistent. While concentrating on eating and washing himself, he could stay awake continuously for more than half an hour.

However, no matter what, he did not leave any time for messing around!

Su Lan woke up that day. Lin Sen looked at him expectantly. He wanted to see if he had any thoughts about last night’s workout.

However, Su Lan just slowly rubbed two of his buttocks for thirty seconds, and whined, “Butt…hurts…a…little…”


Su Lan massaged himself. “Quickly…let’s…eat…”

This was utterly embarrassing!

Lin Sen clarified. “Nothing happened.”

Su Lan slowly looked up. “Huh…?”

Lin Sen was agitated and blurted out, “We have been together for so long but still we haven’t done anything. You always sleep.”

Su Lan slowly flattened his mouth and lowered his head. “I’m sorry. I’m…just…so…lazy…”

Lin Sen saw Su Lan’s sad expression. He momentarily forgot all his frustration. He quickly carried the little lazy to the table and put him on his knees. He held the third leg and coaxed him, “I like you being lazy.”

Su Lan looked pitifully at the third leg and gurgled — thumped — swallowed a sip of saliva. “You…don’t…like…me…anymore…”

Lin Sen kissed on his sad little face. “Really, I like you to be lazy. When I was a tree, I liked to watch you hug me to sleep.”

The furry little sloth nestled himself wholeheartedly on the tree.

The feeling of being trusted and depended upon was like warm water with organic nutrients flowing along the sieve tube of his phloem, flowing through Lin Sen’s whole body, giving this ancient tree that had been living for thousands of years, a heart.

‘You are my heart..’

‘How could I not like you.’

Lin Sen buried his chin in Su Lan’s soft hair, fed him his dong and watched his small mouth suck. His cheeks moved slowly, Lin Sen sighed sadly wondering if they lacked energy. Laozi used to be a tree, but he didn’t even have tintin. It’s good to use it. There were so many requirements.


Laozi : I, with respect and pride.

Tintin: peepee

Tintin means boy’s penis in Japanese.

So in Japan the character Tintin was renamed Tantan.

A Sloth and a Tree Spirit

A Sloth and a Tree Spirit

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
This is a cute short story of a 1000 year old tree spirit and a sloth spirit in modern times.


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