A Sloth and a Tree Spirit chapter 5

Chapter 5


As a thousand-year-old tree, Lin Sen had a special skill: He could control the time of plant maturity with ease.

At first, Lin Sen didn’t know the use of this skill in human society. Later, after being mentioned by a fox spirit who was popular in the community, Lin Sen opened a flower shop.

There was no need to stock up in the shop. Whatever flowers the customer wanted he could grow them in minutes, they grew big and splendid.

Lin Sen also used fascinating techniques to create a few beautiful new breeds. With this cheat, the florist’s business carried on well.

Su Lan got tired of sleeping in the back bedroom and ran to the store to sleep.

Sometimes he would fall asleep and when he would open his eyes, he would find himself surrounded by flowers and fragrant aroma.

Lin Sen always hid his face behind the clusters of flowers.

One time Su Lan woke up to find the whole room filled with red roses.

Lin Sen tried his best not to seem awkward. “Hello, today is Valentine’s day.”

Su Lan slowly turned his head to the side, leaned his nose against the rose, and took a deep breath. “Okay… fragrant… ah… Valentine’s…day… is… what… what…”

Lin Sen made haste. “Valentine’s day is a special day when two people who like each other spend it together! Did you not read the information I prepared for you?”

Su Lan rubbed his eyes slowly. “I…read…ten…lines…one…day…okay…”

Lin Sen tensed. “When are you going to read the rest four hundred and ninety-nine?”

Su Lan slowly raised his hand and patted his shoulder, for a whole thirty seconds, and said: Don’t… worry… we…. spirit… will… not… get… old…

Lin Sen looked at the pretty and cute face and smiled. “I guess you’re right.”


“Su Lan, I want to tell you something.”


Lin Sen took a deep breath, and went right in. “I like you, I want to kiss you.”

Su Lan’s cheeks slowly tinted to a reddish hue. Then he slowly buried his face in his arms, seemingly shy, lying on the table. He did not talk.

Lin Sen smiled, sat next to him and caressed his leg with his toe. “Well… what do you think? Wanna stay together tonight?



The roses in the shop all wilted down.

A Sloth and a Tree Spirit

A Sloth and a Tree Spirit

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
This is a cute short story of a 1000 year old tree spirit and a sloth spirit in modern times.


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