A Sloth and a Tree Spirit chapter 4

Chapter 4


This boy’s eyelashes were like a fan. His lips were rosy and soft and his body was fair.

Lin Sen swallowed the sap and asked carefully: Are you a spirit?

Junior: Zzzzz…

Lin Sen couldn’t bear it anymore. He poked the young boy up with a tree vine and asked: Are you a sloth?

Su Lan stretched his hands in laziness slowly: Umm…

Lin Sen enraged: Look at yourself!

Su Lan slowly lowered his head and slowly showed a smile: I……oh…..my ……God ……….spirit……………….

Lin Sen was speechless for a while. He reverted back into a human.

He was bigger than Su Lan, both in age and height. He gave off a natural charm and held effortless handsomeness.

Su Lan looked at him with a smile: Good… look…

Lin Sen also smiled.

Su Lan walked slowly and hugged Lin Sen.

The two bodies fit together intimately. Lin Sen’s face flushed red, and an organ that had never been mentioned before had a wonderful reaction.

Lin Sen: You, why did you hug me?

Su Lan: Hug…you…to … sleep…sleep…ah…

After speaking, Su Lan closed his eyes and fell asleep. Zzzzz…

Lin Sen pushed Su Lan away and stared at his ruddy, soft lips for a while.

He lowered his head, awkward at first, but decided to go in for the catch. He pressed both their lips together.

Su Lan: Zzzzz…

Lin Sen: Ahhhhhh, what am I even hoping for?!

Lin Sen hugged Su Lan and shifted to a thousand-year-old tree again.

The crowns of the ancient tree had turned red, and the green leaves turned warm red, like maple in late autumn.

Illya: I’ll leave it to the readers to guess what he was feeling, fufufu.

A Sloth and a Tree Spirit

A Sloth and a Tree Spirit

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
This is a cute short story of a 1000 year old tree spirit and a sloth spirit in modern times.


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