A Sloth and a Tree Spirit chapter 10

Chapter 10


The next day, Su Lan was eating slowly at the table, and Lin Sen suddenly came over and picked him up on his lap. Without a word, he pressed against his pants.

Su Lan slowly covered his heated face with a bun. “What…are..you…doing…ah…”

Lin Sen bit his little white ear, and stated, “I want you!”

Su Lan whispered, “Okay…”

Lin Sen adjusted him, fixed his position so Su Lan could straddle him more inwards. He snaked his hands around his waist.

Su Lan made a nice cry, his hand shook and the bun fell off.

He bent over slowly to pick it up, and the scenery behind him was more clear.

Lin Sen became more and more excited. Through his gasp, he asked, “Can we baby?”

Su Lan’s pair of thin, fair hands, carefully tore a piece from the big bun and he chewed for a while.


Although the scene was awkward, Lin Sen didn’t question anything anymore. He told Su Lan, “Call me husband.”

Su Lan pursed his lips, took a slow sip of milk, and purred sweetly with a mouthful of milk foam, “Husband…”

Lin Sen was moved to tears. He wanted to thank the great netizen who had helped him!

Su Lan continued to goo – goo – goo – dong – drink milk and eat bread. Lin Sen was lost in a lovemaking session.

Before releasing him, Lin Sen said, “I’m going. Together.”

Su Lan smiled slowly in embarrassment: “I…was…done…long…ago…but…I…tried…to…persist…firmly….”


Su Lan slowly pointed his finger at himself. “I…am…a…sloth…inside…I…can… hold…the tree…lazily…..for…a long time…”

Lin Sen laughed loudly, and ruffled his hair. “Yes, yes, you persisted for a long while.”


Illya: Done what though?

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A Sloth and a Tree Spirit

A Sloth and a Tree Spirit

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
This is a cute short story of a 1000 year old tree spirit and a sloth spirit in modern times.


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