A Short Story (Diaodiaozi) chapter 2

Chen Ran woke up with pain all over his body.

Chen Ran woke up the next morning and felt pain all over his body, as if being beaten up, especially in an unspeakable place behind him, as if being stabbed by countless needles.


Just as he was gritting his teeth from the pain, a hand rubbed his waist, and the strength was just right, easing his intolerable pain.


A furry head emerged from behind him, and Xiao Ha asked him, “Brother, does it still hurt?”


Chen Ran sighed comfortably and lay back on the pillow, “It’s much better now. Yes, yes, that’s the strength, don’t stop. Ah… So comfortable.”


Feeling the force on his waist was gone, Chen Ran looked back in confusion and saw the fierce green light on Xiao Ha’s eyes.


Those eyes and expressions were exactly the same as the hallucinations that he saw when he was drunk last night.


Chen Ran swallowed his saliva and subconsciously wanted to escape.


Xiao Ha grabbed his ankle, “Brother, you’re the one who seduce me first.”


“I’m not…”


“Let’s do it again.”


Chen Ran finally knew why he was hurting so much.


He was very angry at first, but after doing it, the comfortable feeling washed away the anger in his heart, and he even wrapped his hands around Xiao Ha’s neck to cater to him.


Only after it was over did Chen Ran get angry again.


He criticized Xiao Ha very severely, Xiaoha hung his head and apologized to him in a cute way, and he forgave him again without integrity.


After lying in bed for a long time, Xiaoha brought him a hand-made porridge of preserved egg and lean meat, he drank the porridge and was completely out of anger.


Chen Ran was so tired that he went back to sleep after drinking the porridge, so that he didn’t see the corners of Xiaoha’s mouth curved up in an odd smile. Nor did he see the strong desire in Xiaoha’s eyes, which was paranoid possessiveness.


It is a look and expression that the cute and simple little Ha would never have.


Chen Ran completely recovered after three days.


On this day, Xiao Ha showed unusual behavior. He refused to eat, drink, and even being cute, even refused to drink his favorite sheep’s milk.


Chen Ran asked him what happened, Xiaoha said, “Brother, you slept with me but didn’t take responsibility, you are a scum.”


Chen Ran: “……?”


Chen Ran was distressed, “Who taught you all this?”


Xiaoha did not speak, only accused him with his eyes, making Chen Ran panic.


“There is reproductive isolation between us.” Chen Ran attempted to use a different species to convince Xiao Ha.


But Xiao Ha said, “Brother, we are both men, we don’t need to reproduce. And you didn’t mention it when we did it the other day.”


Chen Ran: “…….”


With Xiao Ha’s pestering, Chen Ran decided to comply and follow his thoughts.


He got together with Xiao Ha. His boyfriend is a husky.


That night, one person and one dog rolled together again.


Bed, sofa, bathroom, kitchen.. After doing it for the fourth time, the energetic Xiao Ha is still ready to do another round, and Chen Ran collapses.


“No more, I can’t do it anymore, give me a break, okay?”


“Gosh, you huskies are so energetic, save your energy for tomorrow to tear down the house, okay? You like to mess the house, don’t you? I’ll leave the house for you to mess with tomorrow. Spare me for tonight, okay?”


Xiao Ha tore up the condom with one hand, “Brother, I don’t like to mess the house. I only like you.”


Chen Ran was shocked, “You don’t like it? Isn’t this what all the silly huskies like to do?”


Little Ha hooked his lips, revealing a meaningful smile, his eyes glowing with an eerie green light, “Brother, who told you I was a husky.”


Saying that, he stretched out his scarlet tongue and licked his sharp teeth, “I’m a wolf.”



A Short Story (Diaodiaozi)

A Short Story (Diaodiaozi)

Score 9.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet, short story about a man and his ‘husky’ who turned into a human.


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