A Short Story (Diaodiaozi) chapter 1

Chen Ran discovered that the husky he raised had turned into a human.

Coming home from work, the house was a mess as usual. However, there is something different. For example, the house was more disordered than usual.


There was no husky rolling on the ground, only a teenager with a pair of wolf-like ears squatting on the ground, his hand still picking at the garbage can.


Hearing the movement, the wolf-eared teenager looked back, then sprang towards Chen Ran.


Chen Ran was pushed to the ground by him.


The teenager was just as enthusiastic as the husky he had at home, except that today the husky didn’t lick his face wet with his tongue, but kissed his face heavily many times.


Chen Ran subconsciously looped his hand on the waist of the wolf-eared teenager and found that he was not wearing clothes.


Ah… The skin is so smooth.


His husky has turned into a human being, Chen Ran has accepted this fact.


But he can’t turn back into a husky, and it took a week for Chen Ran to accept this fact.


Chen Ran is a programmer, very good at typing codes. He does not have any things he particularly likes, so he has a lot of spare money every month.


Now he has somewhere to spend this spare cash.


He upgraded all the daily necessities for the Husky, and treated him as an individual.


The Husky was also very smart, and soon adapted to human society.


The only thing that makes Chen Ran feel troubled is that no matter how smart the husky is, no matter how human-like he is, he still likes to jump on his bed and sleep next to him at night, just like what he used to do when he was a dog.


Even though he always had his own bed.


But there is a little difference, that is, the dog form of the Husky is nestled next to him, while the human form of the Husky likes to sleep with his hands and feet holding him.


Later, Chen Ran found a job as a supermarket cashier for Husky. Husky is handsome and tall, standing there like a living signboard, making people come to buy more things.


After Husky got his first salary, he invited Chen Ran to a big meal.


One person and one dog are very happy, and they can’t help but drink too much.


Chen Ran is not good at drinking, he was drunk, so Husky carried him back home.


Chen Ran is muddle-headed, allowing Husky to undress him, bathe him, and then help him put on pajamas.


After lying on the bed, Chen Ran rubbed Husky’s soft hair and said, “Thank you, Xiao Ha, I didn’t raise you for nothing.”


Husky didn’t speak, put his hands on either side of his head and watched him quietly.


Chen Ran felt that he was really drunk, and saw a glint of green light on his cute Xiao Ha’s eyes, like a wolf, and even saw his cute Xiao Ha revealing a dark expression resembling a dormant hunting beast.


He yawned, turned around and thought: it must be an illusion, just sleep.

A Short Story (Diaodiaozi)

A Short Story (Diaodiaozi)

Score 9.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet, short story about a man and his ‘husky’ who turned into a human.


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