A Little Mushroom chapter 1A Little Mushroom

A Little Mushroom

The spring breeze blew from the valley, warming the surroundings. At dusk, a light shower came from the soft, white clouds. The next morning, a little mushroom stretched its body and woke up!

The little mushroom wiggled its feet and arched its little white dumpling-like body. Yes, this was very good, just as flexible as last year! The tofu that humans ate probably wasn’t as soft as this! The little mushroom looked around at its surroundings. This year, not only had it arrived in a new place again, its neighbor was also really big. The little mushroom couldn’t even see the top of its neighbor’s head!

The big neighbor was bald. The little mushroom didn’t know if it had woken up yet. The little mushroom poked the ground with its foot and found a root. It decided to try greeting its neighbor, “Hello, I’m the little mushroom who just arrived.”

There was no response. Had the little mushroom disturbed its still-dreaming new neighbor?

The little mushroom nervously retracted its feet and waited for a while. The big willow tree still didn’t reply. Hm, this new neighbor was a little bit of a late-riser!

Aiya, the little mushroom didn’t know when it could get to know its new neighbor. The little mushroom stretched its head, basked in the spring sunlight, and took a nap.

The little mushroom rose early each day because mushrooms that rose early would get dewdrops! After the little mushroom twisted its neck and played with the dewdrop for a good while, the little dewdrop fell to the ground with a ‘plop’ sound. The little mushroom thought, it was still too small. With such a round body, it couldn’t support the dewdrop for long.

Suddenly, there was a tickling sensation on the little mushroom’s feet.

“Are you the little mushroom who just got here today?”

The big neighbor had awoken! “You’re awake! I flew here last winter. We’re neighbors now!”

The big willow moved its branches, which were full of sprouts. “Good, the sunlight here is spread very evenly, the wind feels nice, and the water in the little creek is very sweet.”

“Have you been here for many springs?”

“Yes, and also many summers!”

“Hehehe, the summers are very warm. I grow a lot taller in the summers!”

The song the little creek gurgled grew louder and clearer every day. The warm spring gave way to an even warmer summer. The big willow grew many pretty little leaves, and whenever the wind blew, the leaves would all sway together like swings. The little mushroom also grew rounder and whiter. When the big willow tree poked the mushroom with the tip of its leaves, the mushroom would bounce back!

“The morning dew has gotten sweeter!”

“This year’s summer is also sweeter!” The big willow used its leaves to poke the little mushroom, letting a dewdrop slide from the leaf onto the little mushroom’s head.

The little mushroom moved this way and that, and the dew drop fell down.

“It’s sweeter than the water in the small creek. Quickly drink it, or it will disappear!” The little mushroom used its feet to prod one of the tree’s roots.

The big willow tree wiggled its leaves, using them to tickle the little mushroom, “It’s time to sunbathe!”

The little mushroom immediately straightened its body and raised its face towards the sun. It would only be able to grow as big as the willow tree if it got sunshine often. The little mushroom didn’t know how much it could grow before winter. The big willow must’ve grown for a long time before it became this tall.

The little mushroom took another nap under the sunshine, as the summer was also very suitable for napping. It didn’t know whether the big willow was sleepy or not. However, the big willow tree, with its small leaves swaying back and forth, must also like to take naps, right? The afternoon sunshine made the little mushroom and the big willow dream of swinging their feet and leaves together.

“Don’t fly away in the fall, little mushroom.”

“Okay. This place is very good and big willow tree is also very good!” The sleepy little mushroom fell into a daze, still swinging its feet and poking the big willow tree in its dream.

“You can sleep by my roots in the winter. It’s very warm.”

“Can I do that every winter?” pouted the little mushroom.

“Every year is fine and every day is also fine, as long as we soak up the warm sun together just like this.”

To be able to bask in the sun and take naps every day together was really fortunate!

A Little Mushroom

A Little Mushroom

Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet short story.


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