A Genius Bokukko’s Stress Reducing Method. chapter 2

(Oneshot) Extra

Let’s have a talk about a certain genius girl.

Her name is Ayase Miyako, a lascivious kitten who became engrossed with sex after knowing the taste of ecchi recently

From the morning today too, since she pretended to sleep while exposing her skin in an awful sleeping posture that makes me want to immediately ask 「How can it becomes such a posture?」, I granted her wish by pouring plenty of my first, thick morning semen twice, to the front and the back respectively.

The development of her ass was done with her will for about one week, and until a few days ago, it has reached the point where it’s possible to hold my penis deep inside, but the slightly masochistic genius young girl can already feel the pleasure from that properly.

After cleaning up, I leave the bedroom and begin to prepare her breakfast, and after about 10 minutes, Miyako finally shows up

However, the waves of pleasure given by the previous sexual act shouldn’t lessen in such a short amount of time, Miyako reached the dining table while her legs and hips tremble *purupuru*, completely like a newborn fawn.


「Good morning. Miyako」

「M, mor……ning……n, a……」


Perhaps the semen fully filled her vagina has overflown as she sat down.

I line up the just made breakfast in front of Miyako who is looking downward while blushing embarrassedly, then pretend to be unconcerned and ask her


「Your face is red though, do you have a fever?」

Fue? I don’t though……hyan!?」


When I put my palm onto her forehead, an extremely cute shriek could be heard


nー? As expected, you are lightly feverish. Perhaps you caught a cold?」


Of course such a thing doesn’t happen, her temperature is very normal


「T, that’s impossible! In the first place, this is because a while ago you……」


Miyako is at lost for word as she’s unable to say “it’s because you did ecchi thing to me”

While looking at that state and grinning *niyaniya*, I looked over Miyako’s schedule table


「There’s no particularly important task today. Just in case, how about taking a day off to check your condition?」

「I told you, something like a cold, I don’t……!」

「Managing Miyako’s physical condition is also one of my important duty. 『All day long』, I will 『constantly be with you』 to nurse you, so don’t worry」



As if noticing the meaning behind my words, Miyako’s eyes was mixed with the color of expectation


「……a, after all, my physical condition, is slightly bad, maybe……」


Then she returns my palm

Murmuring so while blushing and fidgeting, Miyako was being impatient as she was curious about how much ecchi mischief called “nursing” she would receive in this whole day





After finishing breakfast, Miyako, who had returned to the bedroom without changing her clothes, had a redder face than a while ago and waited for my preparation

Does she have that much expectation, she really looks like a real sick person from my observation.

Just by thinking about the obscene harassment I would do to the helpless girl who is bedridden because of the cold after this, so much blood ends up gathering at my groin


「Miyako. Shall we check your temperature first?」

u, un……


Inside the futon, Miyako undoes the cute, cherry bloosom-colored schoolgirl pajama’s button *gosogoso(rustling sound of clothes)

Although she can endure when her naked body is seen while feigning sleeping, it seems like being seen when she’s awake is still embarrassing

In a thin camisole, Miyako, who looked dazed somewhere, raised her thin arm and waited for the thermometer

Miyako’s skin, which is full of sweat because of the increased body temperature due to the effect of sexual excitement, is so charming that I unintentionally want to suck it

The completely hairless armpit  has a concentrated peculiar milk-like smell of a young girl, which I can sniff for a whole day

Aa, right now I want to insert my penis there and pollute this genius young girl’s armpit with cowper fluid

I want to thoroughly disgrace Miyako by ejaculating as much semen as I like on her blushing due to embarrassment face


「Wait. I won’t check your temperature from there」



Somehow holding down the running wild thought, I said while taking out the thermometer from the nursing set prepared in advance


Hai, show me your butt」

「n, wha……!?」


Understanding the meaning of my words instantly, Miyako opened her eyes wide as if she can’t believe it

However, I saw through the hidden feeling of expectation about what would be done to her after this inside those pupils


「You will,  check……using the rectum?」

「That is the most certain method, right? Hora, take off your pants」

「…………u, uu……」


Even so, perhaps the shame still wins, Miyako grasps the futon tightly with both hands and her eyes become wet

I always think of wanting to do ecchi thing to Miyako while she’s awake somehow, so in order to do that, I speak to Miyako


「What, perhaps you are embarrassed?」

「D, despite this, I’m a girl after all! It’s embarrassing without fail!」

「No problem. No need to be shy. This is a treatment after all. If you are so inclined, here, I also prepared a blindfold」


Saying so, I take out an eye mask

Of course, this is an eye mask for magic use, the other side is transparent

The vision will be reduced more or less, but you can see clearly without problem with short distance

Without knowing that, Miyako’s wariness gradually weakens, but even so, the embarrassing feeling still wins as she hesitates


「Even if it’s treatment……! Such a thing, is……」


The person herself doesn’t have that intention at all, but by seeing this, somehow it looks like she’s irritating me


「Besides, right now……」


Because just a while ago, Miyako’s front and back holes were fully filled, so a large amount of semen is still remained inside her

Because there’s no stopper, as soon as she loses focus just a little, everything will leak out


「I will try not to see as much as possible. Hora, quickly」

「B, but……」

「If you can do it nicely, after this I will give you lots of 『reward』」



Reward, just by hearing that word, Miyako had a really easy to understand reaction

That is the magic word I engraved into Miyako’s mind and body in the middle of our habitually feigning sleep sex

If she can obey the instructions I gave, I will give her the pleasure that would make her faint

It’s such a password

The masochist-ish genius young girl seems to feel the pleasure from being ordered just a while ago

If this can continue, eventually it will reach the point where she would desire to be violated personally in accordance with my ecchi order even when she’s awake

Today is the first step

Miyako, who was only refusing as if she would say no even if she would die until a while ago, seems to have her switch flipped by that word, as she nodded *kokun* with her small chest throbbing, filled with expectation


「…………If, if it’s treatment……it can’t be helped, right」


This genius young girl is too weak to ecchi temptation





「Is this……fine?」


Lying facedown on the bed, Miyako asks anxiously

The pajama’s pants, which covered the usual small, flat ass is in front of me

Perhaps some did leak out, the crotch part seems slightly stained


「Then, I will take it off」

「u, un……」


Gaining her approval, I lower Miyako’s pants to her ankles without a single bit of hesitation




It seems like she didn’t think her clothes would be taken off that much. An extremely cute shriek resounded in the bedroom


「Are there anything wrong?」

「…………N, no problem particularly」


However, when I ask about the situation seemingly worriedly, Miyako received my acts without objection

Perhaps, she changed her mind and thought there would be no problem with showing her naked body in front of the blindfolded me

The reality is that I can even see the semen stain on the wrinkle of her underwear clearly though


「……This is nursing……just nursing……」


Miyako mutters a series of “this is nursing” as if persuading herself

Such dishonest point is again, too cute


「Opening your legs this much, and raising your butts higher, pushing it out like a dog」



On top of having her lower half exposed, the genius young girl was also forced to have a posture where she would present her crotch to the opposite sex. Although her shoulders trembled because of the disgrace, her breathing roughened

Perhaps, she is aroused by being treated like a dog

The『order』 and 『reward』I have been repeating thoroughly during this time seems to be fruitful

While thinking “it’s completely like a pet’s treatment”, I gently stroke Miyako’s butts

The moment my fingers touched, Miyako’s lower half trembled “bikun”

Spending as much time as possible, I lower the cotton-made child pantsu like irritating her


「……hi, uu……」


Semen already leaked out more or less as expected, the crotch part clung to her groin and the underwear is turned inside out

Just like that, when it was lowered to her knees, a thick, white, impure string hanging from somewhere can be seen

The obscene smell confined inside the underwear spread out considerably

The completely hairless, smooth pussy similar to her armpit is presented in front of me

Before such a scene, I unintentionally gulped *gokuri*

The two holes which became sopping *guchogucho* with the first round of semen. Just by observing staringly at those like this, Miyako’s shyness reaches its limit. (first round of semen is always thicker than usual, if you don’t know)


「D, do it, quickly……」


The blushing to the ears Miyako says with a trembling voice

That is completely like begging for ecchi assault, my sadistic heart was greatly stimulated by that


「Firstly, to insert the thermometer, we have to loosen the asshole」



*chupu* the first joint of my index finger is sucked in my Miyako’s anal

Due to suddenly be penetrated by a finger, her anus constricted reflexively, sucking it *chuuchuu* completely like a baby sucking its mother’s nipple


a, a, hiu……!


Kupokupo, gupupupu, nyupunyupu


Each time my finger goes in and out, a shameful shriek leaks out from Miyako’s mouth

The semen which fully filled her inside became the lubricant, so even if I strengthen my finger’s movement, there would be no problem


「This……don’tt……haau……, kuhii……!?」


The anal, which development has already finished, receives my finger with a moderate pressure

I want more. I want to tease her more

In this manner, I push the semen between the clinging, inseperable intestinal walls

From the front hole, love juice was endlessly trickling down, moreover it was even mixed with the cloudy liquid that filled her uterus and pulled a string, staining the underwear directly below


o, a, haa, heu, hiyaa…!?」


Gradually, Miyako’s shriek changed into a sweet, suffocating one

The genius young girl’s impure holes, which were violated just a while ago by a much thicker, longer thing, became so sensitive that they would easily feel it with just a small stimulus


nyaa……hinyaa……c, cumming……, cumming――――」

Hai, it’s over」

「――――fu, he?」


*chupon*, I extract my finger which became slimy *nurunuru* with viscous liquid

Miyako who almost climaxed but was postponed looked up at me with teary eyes


「Wh, y……?」

「Why you ask? Because loosening like this is just right」

「j, just……a bit more……」

「just a bit more……what?」



Miyako once again blushes and becomes silent

Just a bit more and I would come, she won’t say it no matter what, huh?

Estimating when the waves of pleasure have drawn back, I insert the thermometer in Miyako’s child anal with business-like attitude


hyan……! C, cold……」


It’s different from a finger, the thermometer’s thickness is also not enough so it seems like she is unsatisfied

But this dishonest genius girl held her true character and wouldn’t beg for obscenity, she had no choice but to wait patiently until the temperature measurement is over


Are, somehow this place is wet」



Naturally, I don’t intend to stop teasing her in the meantime

When I pointed out while stroking her small butts, Miyako had an interesting reaction


「T, this……wron……!」

「Although it’s hot sweat, you are persipring. I will wipe it so wait a little」

「a, aa……un. Sweat, right, this is, sweat……un


Surely, Miyako misunderstood that what I pointed out was the love juice which is still continuing to be secreted from her pussy, as she let out a sigh of relief




When I wiped the sweat spreading slightly on her body which was burning due to sexual excitement with a towel, a tickled voice leaked out

From the tip of her foot to the calf, around the knees, thighs and her butts, I increase the scope of places to wipe


「Feels good?」

hea? A, r, right……having sweat wiped feels good……hahyan!?」


After finishing wiping her lower half excluding her crotch, I put my hands inside the camisole to wipe the sweat on her upper half, so Miyako made a strange voice


「What’s wrong?」

「T, that place……b, breasts……」

「Aa, endure the slight ticklish. Anyhow, because I’m blindfolded so I don’t know where I touched」


Simply ignoring the small protesting voice, I thrust my arms inside

Thanks to the prepared thin towel, I can fully enjoy Miyako’s temperature and soft body to my heart’s content

No, this is truly heaven, the softness is too much

Her breasts didn’t grow at all, and yet why are they this soft?

A, but recently, they did swell a little. Compared to the beginning, the sensation is slightly different

Surely, the secondary sex characteristics are beginning to show due to the accumulation of the daily sexual stimulus

I focus on wiping her breasts while thinking “personally, I’m happy if it’s slightly more satisfying to rub though” (not sure個人的にはもうちょっと揉みごたえがあると嬉しいんだけど、と思いながら俺は重点的に胸ばかり拭いていく)


「Y, you……can, truly……see, righ……hinyaa!」


Being silent to the genius girl who noticed something unnecessary, I pinched the slightly hard, protruding object in her clothes

Then the young girl’s body convulsed as if an electric current ran through her whole body


「The thermometer will fall out if you move too much, so keep your posture like that」 (keep is in english)

「hia……s, sto……nn!?」


Ordering her not to move, I furthermore pursuit Miyako who keeps the eager dog-like posture

Through the thin towel, I stimulate the speck-like nipples *korikori*

Pinching, pulling, rubbing, crushing

Perhaps she concentrated to the pleasure from her nipples, because her lower half, which became defenseless, was flooded with love juice and semen

The underwear was already unable to catch the overflowing liquid, so the stain of the sheet widened even more


「Somehow, there is a hard thing here, it is the clothes’ button?」

「n……fuaa……! R, right……it is……just a, normal button……」


It’s my nipple, who is feeling ecchi, the genius young girl who of course won’t say such a thing has no choice but to agree to my words

Because she can’t stop having her nipples teased, in the first place, this girl doesn’t want to stop from the bottom of her heart

A while ago, she was stopped right before cumming from anal so she wanted to continue too much, she already rubbed her erect nipples against my hands on her own before I noticed it


「a, nn……that, don’t……」

「Miyako. I’m just wiping your sweat, am not I?」

「R, right……you are. This is, just wiping sweat……hin!」

Kora, if you move too much then I will miss」


While saying so, I stimulate her by crushing the childish buds strongly

Then, the thermometer protruding from her butts like a tail moved *pikupiku*


fua……ni……! Nyauu……!」


Closing her eyes tightly, Miyako receives the bestowed pleasure frantically

That figure is so cute, I who wanted to tease her already separated my hands from the towel and began teasing the nipples directly


higi……that, strongg……」


As expected, a loli’s sensitity is magnificent

Just by stiulating the nipples, she already seemed to cum


「a, aaaa! C, coming……cominggggg……!」


――――pipipipi, pipipipi, pipipipi!


「A, it’s the sound of the thermometer」

fuya……? e……?」


Again, the caressing stopped right before she came, Miyako showed a crying-like expression


「That……just a bit more and yet……againn……」


She couldn’t cum even if she wanted to

Frantically enduring such irritation, Miyako looks up at me with the eyes which seems to ask me

However, ignoring that gaze, I pulled the thermometer out

Unfastening the blindfold and reading the thermometer, I made a shocked expression


「……it’s grave, you are this hot……」



When I said so with an as serious as possible face, Miyako’s gaze changed into an uneasy one

Naturally, the number on the thermometer shows no problem

The temperature measuring from the rectum is slightly higher than normal, but this is within the acceptable range

But then, why did I act so?


「This is, right. Un. Suppository is needed」



It is because of this

Knowing that her bare ass would be violated again after this, the color of panic is mixed in her eyes, but the play will still continue


「……a, crap. We just ran out of suppository」

「I, if that’s the case……it can’t be helped. I, I’m alright, if I have a nice sleep after this……」


She intends to comfort her irritated body which would immediately masturbate if I wasn’t here, huh? Not a chance


「No, don’t worry. I know a more effective medicine than the suppository sold on the market. This time we will use it」

「M, more effective medicine……?」

「Right. It’s a strong antpyretic handed down for generations in my house. It will show its effect immediately after directly entering the intestines, most illness would be cured before you could say “a”」


Of course, such a thing doesn’t exist

Everything is just random speech


「Such a thing……」


The genius girl, who seems to believe somewhat, may be unexpectely an idiot (aho)


「But this is the secret medicine handed down only in my household. It must not be seen by others」

「……Suddenly, your tone……etto, your house, are they ninja or something?」

「Maa, something similar to that. I will be saved if you don’t pry into it too much」


Of course, this is also a lie

My house is an extremely common household, there’s no such thing like a secret medicine passed down for generations, much less of having a Japansese ninja’s lineage

But it would be alright even if I said something hypothetical which was hidden from the world. It’s not that important


「Therefore I’m sorry, but Miyako can’t see this. I understand that you would be anxious to have a suspicious medicine used on you suddenly, but I want you to trust me somehow」

「…………I, I’m not anxious. Besides if it’s what you said, then I……」


From there, I couldn’t catch her words well

While simply ignoring it, I handed over the eyemask to Miyako


「Then, use this」

「……U, understood…………っ」


Receiving the eyemask as being told, naturally Miyako noticed it’s a work that doesn’t restrict her vision at all


「You surely『can’t see anything』, right?」

「…………That’s, right. I can’t see……anything」


However, when I emphasized the lie, she simply pretends to be deceived

I can’t see so I don’t know. I don’t know so I don’t notice. I don’t notice so it can’t be helped

Excusing herself like that, Miyako looked forward to her first sexual assault

From the outsider’s perspective, she’s a young girl who was blindfolded and had her lower half exposed

This is……more arousing than imagined

This situation, which is like sexual assaulting a deceived girl who knows nothing, stimulated my fetish greatly

Thanks to that, the secret medicine’s preparation finished

Taking out the uncomfortably trembling *bikubiku* meat stick from my pants, I allocated the tip to the genius young girl’s anal


「…………hia? …………っ!?」


Sensing its shape with her own eyes and skin, Miyako became flustered and blocked her mouth with both hands

Pretending not to notice even at this point, that is similar to accept to receive the act done to her after this

The thoroughly teased Miyako’s lower half was already soaked, I can see it’s showing the petition of wanting to be comforted immediately


「It’s quite thick and long so it might be hard, but please endure」

「……u, un……it, is fine?」


Using those words as the signal, I firmly grabbed Miyako’s waist and penetrated the cramped, loli anal with my penis




「hi…………!? …………,、…………~~~~~~nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!?」


Even if she desperately endures what she feels, right after that she let out a loud scream

Miyako’s body, which was irritated because of my teasing, came too strong because of the too strong stimulus and can’t recover after a short while


aaa! Aaaaa! Aa! A, niiiiiiii!?


Although she properly endured this morning, if she lost control for once, the result is as you can see

The genius young girl, who continued to purr while her tongue and saliva hang from her half-open mouth, was completely entranced by the suppository called anal sex and continued to cum many times

Different from the front hole, the anal sex which I can insert as deep as possible is this masochistic dog, genius young girl’s favorite food

Different from the front hole which I can only insert about half, this place can hold it to the root, so the times the ass’s meat hit my waist, the *panpan* sound echoes in the center of her body and makes her shiver

In addition, different to the usual feigning sleep sex, the situation where she is violated when she’s awake further accelerates her excitement

I feel like the clamping of her anal becomes stronger by 30% (三割増し)

Similarly, there’s no way I’m not aroused from this strange situation, the speed of my waist knocking Miyako’s butts is also faster than usual


Gubo! Gubo! Gubo!


The obscene, lewd sound of water echoes in the bedroom

As Miyako’s feet are trembling and her hips can’t support her body anymore, I grab her body, raise her butts forcibly and stab it

Completely like dogs’ copulation, I thought


o, o, a, gi, hi, ya, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Can’t, endure……!」


*chorochoro* liquid began trickling from her child pussy

Seem like it’s incontinence because of the excessive shock


「I will come soon! Catch it!」


*zun!* I thrust my penis deep inside remarkably strong, then――――


Byurururururururururururu! Dobyuuuuuuuuuu! Bujuru! Dopu, dopu! Byuuuuuuuuuu!


The muddy, cloudy liquid is shot inside the young girl

After the ejaculation which continued for about a minute finished, I extracted the penis from the loli anal which held it to the root, and a large amount of semen which was slightly late shot out and stained the sheet


「a, ga…………fu, gii…………!」


Perhaps because of being hit by a intestinal ejaculation while in the middle of an incontinent orgasm, Miyako seems to cum from a depth she has never experienced before

She is barely conscious, but she almost can hold back her true character anymore

However, I’m not yet satisfied

Although I just ejaculated a large amount of semen, one ejaculation isn’t enough as a young girl being violated while blindfolded in front of me is a more stimulating material than anything else. My son already completed filling the balls for next round

For now, I pushed it out in front of Miyako who was dead tired due to the repeated climaxes


「Miyako, open your mouth」

「……? ……a」


Recognizing the penis which is muddy with semen through the eyemask, Miyako hesitated a little, but she slowly opened her mouth as I told after that


「This medicine is also effective if you lick it」

「Is, that so……?」

「Right. So in order to make your body recover quickly, gulp down a lot」

u, un……hamu, chu, juru


While discharging the semen from her anal, Miyako begins to service the thing which violated her a while ago as I told her


rero, monyu, nchu, juryuryuryu! Chubu, guchuguchum jurururururu!


The techniques this young girl acquired when we had sexual intercourse everyday were unbalancedly polished by this young girl

Extremely, in her case, she thoroughly knows my weaknesses so our compatibility is exceptional

She learnt it only for me, the techniques only for me

My back shivers just by thinking that this genius young girl acquired this ability which can’t be boasted to anyone despite having lots of talent

This girl’s lewd talents are blooming rapidly

When I think that it’s only for only for one person, I’m so moved that I could ejaculate immediately


「Miyako, how is the taste?」


I tried to throw a question that I can’t ask at all during the normal feigning sleep sex


*jupujupu*, kupupupu*, chupon*, bitter, sticky……medicines are hard to drink, as expected……」

「Right, it’s said that good medicines are bitter, isn’t it?」

「……But, I don’t dislike it. If it’s yours……drinking a lot……is, alright……so」



……Really, this girl is too cute

The moment I try stroking her black hair, she shows me a happy expression and restart the fellatio

The second ejaculation is close



juuuuuuuuu! Hamuchu, rechu, nmu, nichu, nku, jurururururururu!


The last spurt only make Miyako’s tongue techniquie more violent

The limit came faster than I could say “a”, so I released semen into this young girl’s throat


Dobyurururururururururu! Bujuuuuuuuuuuuu! Byu! Byu! Dopu! Byururururururururururu!


The large amount of semen which was unthinkable for the second time filled the small mouth in a flash, even if Miyako swelled her cheeks like squirrel and tried to receive everything somehow, the adverse tide of semen still leaked out from her mouth


nbyu!?……n, koku, koku, jururu……nku, nku……euu……gokyu, gokyu……


Even so, her thin throat resounds as she frantically gulps down the semen pumped into her mouth in succession

Even after the ejaculation stopped, without wiping the semen sticking onto her face, she devoted herself to suck the remained portion in the urethra of the penis held inside her mouth carefully, without leaving a single drop


「As expected, Miyako is a genius」

「n……ehehe……I’m happy♡」


The young girl who showed a smile through the eyemask with her face painted with semen was completely like an angel





After that, I replaced the sheet which became mushy with various liquid, re-arranged the bed using a super strong dryer (Miyako’s invention. The frequency of use is high because of the incontinence during sex), then called out to Miyako who was waiting in the living room


「I’ve finished cleaning up」

「u, un……thanks」

「Don’t mind. Something like bed-wetting is no big deal」

「Ba――――D, don’t treat me like a child!」


No matter where or how you look at it, she’s a child though

Because I actually had to deal with the cleaning up after Miyako’s peeing many times so there’s no problem, but having someone you love doing such a thing is embarrassing after all

Well, isn’t it obvious


「It’s already noon. Are there anything you want to eat?」

「……rice porridge」


You don’t have to pretend to be a sick person even to the food, is certainly what I feel


「Understood, sleep on the bed until it’s completed, okay?」



Miyako pushed out her spreading hands, as if to call me who was about to go to the kitchen


「What’s wrong?」



Are you trying to kill me with moe?

Didn’t you say “don’t treat me like a kid”?

However, I will yield since it’s cute

The young girl in pajama is blushing while hoping for an embrace an looking at me with upturned eyes

I’m sure that the one who can defy this  demand doesn’t exist on the earth no matter where you search

It has such destructive power


「I’m a patient. D, doing that much is fine, right?」

「Hai hai. Understood, my princess」


While smiling bitterly, I embrace Miyako’s small body while having a nosebleed in my mind

Light. Soft. And warm

Just by sticking close to her, I felt like the peculiar sweet smell of a young girl has filled my lung

Conversely, Miyako also pushes her nose to my nape and sniffs the smell *sunsun*




Perhaps still having her switch flipped, the moist sigh tickled my ear

I carry Miyako, who is rubbing her body against me completely like a dog’s marking, to the bedroom

When I tried to drop the small body to the bed to let her sleep, a disappointed-like sound leaked out from Miyako’s mouth


「I will make the porridge, so please sleep obediently」




When I noticed, the hem of my shirt was grasped tightly by her small hands


「……a, a bit……I feel a bit cold」


「Therefore……well, t, can we……sleep together?」


I’m confident that this lass is seriously trying to kill me with moe





Right now, I’m sleeping together with Miyako on the bed she always sleeps on

Completely in my arms, the genius young girl seems delighted, she has been grinning *niyaniya* slovenly from a while ago




That’s her remark

While enjoying the hot water bottle-like  warm loli girl’s temperature, I was considering what kind of ecchi  assault I should take after this

I already finished my 6th ejaculation today, but since I took Miyako’s handmade energy pill a while ago, new semen is being produced one after another in my testicle

But because of the side effect of becoming constantly sexually excited, to be honest I want to rape Miyako immediately and mate with her until morning, but still I endured that and continued groping for an excuse to be able to gently take care of this sexual urge somehow




Naturally, if I only think about such a thing while being glued to Miyako, there’s no way Miyako shouldn’t notice the hard sensation through our clothes

Until a while ago, Miyako’s healing expression had changed, she showed the expression of a female who is looking forward to being violated as her small chest throbbed *dokidoki*


「This is just my acquaintance’s story……」



Miyako is puzzled because of my suddenly started story


「A certain couple was stranded on a snowy mountain. The weather was rough, there was no shelter. They had to spend a night in a cave found by chance as a last resort」

「……u, un」

「However, they unluckily dropped the fuel which would be used to warm their completely  chilled bodies somewhere. If it was just like that, they would be frozen to death. What do you think is the best thing to do?」

etto……warming by being naked……?」



As if already understood what I wanted to say, Miyako’s heartbeat became violent



「W, what……?」

「Are you, still……cold?」



A short silence




Eventually Miyako nodded lightly and placed her hands on the pajama’s buttons.

As expected, this girl is too easy





In a dim bedroom, the coquettish voice of a young girl resounds


「fuー……! fuー……! nn……!」


Even if she buries her face to the hugging pillow and tries to hide her voice frantically, her sweet voice leaks out when I slightly strenghten the stimulus on her sensitive places

While hugging Miyako from behind to prevent her from moving about, I enjoyed the young girl’s soft body to my heart’s content.


fukya……! hin……! nyaa……!?」


Inside the futon, my hands crawls around on Miyako’s body.

*kuchukuchukuchu* the obscene sound of water faintly resounds.

I wonder how many times I have done this, Miyako’s lower half becomes sopping wet with love juice and her childish nipples remain erect without showing any sign of calming down.

Despite being done this much, Miyako doesn’t resist.

She only looks at me with a face of a female thoroughly in heat, pretending not to notice the sexual assault inside the futon.

Since she can’t see it, it’s alright

It’s alright if her voice doesn’t leak out.

While enjoying the gradually widening of Miyako’s acceptable range like that, I hasten the pace of my fingers.


「a, ya……! ……Come,……!?」


Miyako’s body which is glued to mine springs up *bikun*

Then subsequently, a warm sensation gradually spread out on my right hand which was teasing her child pussy.

While thinking “the sheet I cleaned with great trouble must be replaced again, huh?”, I hug the continue to convulse Miyako *gyuu* and caress her silky black hair *yoshiyoshi* (there, there)


「~~~~~!? n……hia……! This, I like……!」


Miyako unconsciously says out her real thought with a melted expression.

It seems like this genius young girl’s favorite is to be embraced while having her head caressed when she reaches climax


This girl is the world’s cutest.


Haa……! Haa……! Hafuu……!」


When the waves of pleasure draw back, Miyako who came back from the climax exhales roughly and takes a deep breath

The ecchi face the genius young girl holding the world-leading intellect only shows to me

I will come just by seeing that face

Or rather, my patience is gradually reaching its limit

I have enjoyed the soft, *punipuni* (squishy) sensation of being held between her thighs, but if I lose my focus, my 7th ejaculation would begin immediately.

Thanks to Miyako’s special made vitality drug, I can feel that the inside of my testicle is becoming heavy.

I don’t have the slightest idea about the amount coming out if I release it.



「Fue……? ……a」


As if noticing the penis which is on the brink of its limit between her thighs, Miyako had an unconcealable smile


「E, etto, well……」


Her face becomes deep red as she says while hesitating


「……it, it is……fine?」


Because she won’t say what is, I won’t ask

Inviting a man to bed, undressing, exposing her cumming face, saying such a thing with upturned eyes, what in the world would happen, there’s no way this intelligent girl doesn’t know

I silently raised one leg of Miyako up, allocated my erect penis to her *torotoro* wet child pussy. (wet/muddy)


「……a, nii!?」




The result of breaking into that place many times with my finger was that that place of Miyako can easily hold a thing with mismatching size deeply.

Miyako’s abdomen swells in the shape of a penis

The *torotoro* loosen childish vagina is delighted at the arrival of the eagerly waiting meat stick as they entwine *gyuugyuu* (tightly)

Eventually, the tip of the penis touched a hard thing *kotsun*

It’s the uterus’s mouth

Despite not becoming an adult even once, Miyako’s important place has received a man’s offspring many times.

Thinking about pouring my boiling *gustugutsu* semen into that place after this, I can feel my barely remaining reason collapsing one by one (simmering/boiling gently)

Although a child won’t be made no matter how much I release inside that immature place, my instict as a mam order me to fill this young girl’s uterus with semen.

It’s marking

I won’t give her to anyone. I will absolutely impregnate this girl. She’s mine.

I hide those murky black emotions in my heart, but perhaps Miyako noticed.

While thinking such a thing, Miyako’s arms hugged mine *gyuu*



「…………a, ano……ne. A while ago, I did my best, reward……」


「I, did my best, you know……? Therefore……sono,…… reward me, a lot, please……?」


I thought saying this at this place is too unfair.


Bubyurururururururururu! Dobyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Byuba! Bujuru! Dopupupupupupupupu!


Fua……!? Inside, a lot……♡」


With my penis glued to the mouth of the uterus, I discharge my semen

However, far from lessening, my excitement increases even more




Changing our posture, lying on the lying face-down Miyako, I start pistoning.


「T, that……don’t……fugyuu!?」


Crushing a small girl’s body with an adult’s body weight, the sight of the animals’ copulation can be seen

The serious piston while ejaculating in lying back position.

*buchu*, *dochu*, *bochu*, together with those terrific sounds, the whole body of the genius young girl who is being mated comvulse as she reaches climax many times over.


「Thyat……while byubyu-ing, doing *zunzun*……!? Don’t, cumming, unstopable nya……♡」 (that + nya= thyat, zunzun = poke poke)


The small uterus is filled in an instant, but the unstopable ejaculation becomes the lubricant that increases the speed of the pistion.

Because of that too violent movement, Miyako’s mouth became half-open as she gasped with her tongue hanging down slovenly like a dog.

The binding sex that she absolutely can’t escape as a result from the overwhelming difference in physique

This 『Reward』 will not stop until I’m satisfied even if Miyako faints


Bujuuuuuuuuuuu! Byurururururururururururu! Byu! Byu! Dopudopu! Dobyuu!


The second creampie began.




I can sense the widening of Miyako’s uterus which is filled to the brim through my penis.

The maximum amount allowed has been surpassed for a while. Even so, the semen which had no place to escape forcibly enter the uterus by expanding the inside of Miyako’s body

A tightly restrained mating where she can’t move around.

Having no choice but to receive that, Miyako who reached climax many times over also had her thinking ability deteriorated


「Miyako, does massage feel good?」

「Fu, e? Mas, sage……?」

「Right right. It was handed down in my family」 (thanks to Yukkuri Onii-san http://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/need-help-for-this-jap-sentence.49408)


*Zun!*  I penetrate from the entrance to the mouth of the uterus in one go in the middle of the speech


Hanyaaaaa!? That, too strong……!」

「Sorry sorry. But if I do that, your illness will be cured quickly」


I don’t know what’s the reason massage is effective against illness.

Accelerating metabolism, etc,…, stimulating the lymph bla bla bla, pressing a particular acupuncture point something something, I explain whatever suitable reasons I thought of while having sex, but anyway, I don’t think Miyako can properly think in this current situation, and there’s no sign of her doing so in the first place


「……If it’s massage, it, it can’t be helped……♡」



The genius girl whose forte is pretending to be tricked doesn’t resist at all despite being violated like a dog.

I knew it


「Does Miyako like massage?」

「……u, un……like」

「Then shall I massage you on the bed every day before going to sleep? If you are a good girl then I will reward you a lot.」



A, just now her pussy tightened *kyuu*




「Do you love pussy massage?」

「…………P, pussy massage, love♡」

「Are you happy when I rub inside your belly and *byubyu*?」

「…………rubbing and coming inside, happyy……♡」


Surely, right now she doesn’t notice how obscene the thing she was induced to say is

Having her switch completely flipped, Miyako’s immature, child pussy tightened *kyunkyun* to beg for another round of semen.

Thinking I should grant her wish, I mercilessly began the third intravaginal ejaculation


Byugubyugu! Bujururururururururu! Gopopopopopo! Dochyu! Bubyuru! Dobyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!




Because of the excessive climax, the small body rampages in my arms.

However, she can’t win against me who habitually train myself as a bodyguard, so I easily pin her down

Because she frantically deals with the pleasure that she can’t let out, Miyako unconsciously bites my arm, but that action is also cute

Continuously, the 4th and 5th ejaculation were pumped inside Miyako

No matter how many times I release, this arousal doesn’t show any sign of weakening

After the 7th ejaculation, Miyako’s reaction was lost, but she was forced to wake up because of the 8th ejaculation and made heavy breathing sound again

When the 10th ended, perhaps her reasoning has collapsed, the human’s words are lost as only her groans were leaked out

Finally, when the 14th cream pie ended, I regained my calmness at last

The amount of ejaculation is similar to a monster’s (the word bakemono –ghost/monster can be also translated as goblin)

As expected of the energy pill the owner of the world-leading brain created to take care of her sexual urge

5 more times is possible if I try

But, forcing Miyako who can’t even move a finger with a body covered by semen more than this is forbidden


「a……uu……byubyuraishuki……♡」 (daisuki  = love)


Muttering incoherently, Miyako whose stomach swelled completely like that of a pregnant woman smiled delightedly.





Afterwards, I carried the fainted Miyako to the bathroom and washed away the lumps of semen sticking on her whole body.

Just by seeing a not yet pregnant young girl with a swelling stomach filled with semen arouses me too much, so I take a picture and save it

During that period, I tried to make her do a double peace as a joke, but since it was more erotic than I imagined, I shot out semen two more times so the amount of time needed to clean up was increased. I’m undoubtedly an idiot

Of course the data are strictly locked. I don’t want to show them to anyone, but I’m looking forward to Miyako’s reaction when I show it when she’s awake someday

In order to do so,firstly  it’s necessary to train her thoroughly until such lies like massage aren’t necessary anymore

This time, it’s good that I successfully add night pussy masage into daily work for now, in addition to morning feigning sleep sex

I washed the fainted girl’s body cleanly again

Just by pressing the semen-filled stomach slightly, the cloudy liquid flies out far away vigorously as if she’s ejaculating. It’s slightly interesting

After finishing cleaning every nooks of her body, I change Miyako’s clothes with a new pajama and put her on the finished cleaning bed

Then because she grasped the hem of my clothes and wouldn’t separate again, I decided to sleep together

Since I’m also quite worn out so let’s sleep like this




Seem like she recovered her consciousness.

Noticing that her stamina was so exhausted that she couldn’t move even if she strained herself, which means we had such violent sex, Miyako looked downward embarrassedly and pushed her forehead against my chest


「Let’s sleep like this today. I’m also tired after all」


「Is there anything you want?」



A short silence.

Eventually, Miyako timidly opened her mouth.


「……G, good night……chuー」 (sfx: kiss)


「Therefore……well……I want a *chuー*」


The lovely pleading while hiding half of her blushing face with the futon hit my heart precisely

My nosebleed not coming out is close to a miracle


nchu……!? Chu, juu, chupu……kuchu, amu, n, jupi, chururu, koku, koku, rechu……♡」


When I noticed it, I was wreching Miyako’s cherry-colored lips open with my tongue and greedily devouring her sweet saliva

This is an adult’s kiss which is slightly too violent to be called a good night kiss

Since it’s fine a she couldn’t resist due to the fatigue, I tasted Miyako’s lips to my heart’s content


nnn……! hafu……, fuwaa……this, is amazing……♡」

「want more?」

「Un……moree……♡ I want, to kiss a lott……♡」


The genius young girl demands a deep kiss with moist pupils

Miyako, who exposed her spoiled child side which was a 180 degrees reversal from her normal attitude, was too cute to be expressed by words

After that, I and Miyako continued to overlap our lips and exchange our saliva inside the bed for more than one hour.

To be honest, because of the adult’s kiss, my penis which had ejaculated that much has become erect again, but I endured and only kissed Miyako until she felt asleep.

I will deal with the accumulated sexual desire after Miyako wakes up

I’m sure that even without pretending to be asleep, Miyako will help me take care of my sexual urges.

I closed my eyelids while looking forward to what kind of mischief I will do next time







A/N: To be continue, maybe?


T/L : from the author’s reply in syosetu’s novel impression

Like this, I want to gradually make an ecchi schedule

AM 7:00 – getting out of bed (seeding press) (種付けプレス, press is the word used for images where one-usually the men press down the woman, showing their butts)

AM 8:30 – morning shower ( sexual development)

AM 9:00 – working while sitting on a dick chair ( back sitting position)

AM 10:00 – unendurable small break (rear-entry position / doggy style)

PM 0:00 – mouth-to-mouth feeding lunch (deep kiss)

PM 3:00 – afternoon snack and rehydration (fellatio)

PM 5:00 – sorting document in the storage room (ekiben exposing sex)

PM 7:00 – dinner (shokuza) (from食 – meal and ザー in ザーメン – semen, aka the act of shooting one’s semen onto the food and eat it)

PM 9:00 – bathing together (face to face sitting position)

PM 10:00 – massage (brute press) (ケダモノプレス, quite similar to seeding press)

PM 11:30 – going to bed

Like this

Are……when will this girl invent things……?

A Genius Bokukko’s Stress Reducing Method.

A Genius Bokukko’s Stress Reducing Method.

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
A genius girl pretended to drink sleeping pill and invited her beloved partner, hoping for an ecchi stress reduction. But despite being surprised from the more ecchi thing than she thought being done to her, the girl noticed the happiness from her heart and lost her virginity, then finally came from their first s*x. It’s that kind of story.


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