A Genius Bokukko’s Stress Reducing Method. chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

The morning sun flowing in through the gap of the curtains illuminated a young girl’s while stomach.

The young girl making a *suusuu* calm sleeper’s breathing on the bed kicked off half of her primary schoolgirl’s pajama and was almost in nude state.

All buttons of the coat are popped out, the hem of the thin camisole worn below is splendidly rolled up, the cherry-colored bumps and the cute navel are in full view.

The lower half is in a crueler state, the trousers already falls down under the bed. The cotton, childish pantsu attached with a small ribbon is barely held by one leg, there’s nothing to protect the tightly shut vertical line.

Such a bad sleeping posture as usual.

I sighed and sat down next to her.




「Miyako」 (みゃーこ)





A, she reacted

As expected, feigning sleep.

Despite having her own unladylike appearance seen by a man, she—Ayase Miyako continues to pretend to sleep (綾咲都子)

On the contrary, she opened her legs little by little, circled both arms near her back, trying to make her own embarrassing place easier to be seen.

Her sleeping face is already dyed deep red to the ears.

Although it’s fine not to do it if it’s embarrassing.

So, I think this act of exposing herself in the morning is something she want to do no matter what

The evidences are the transparent juice overflowing from her smooth, without a single strand of hair, child pussy and the childish flower buds erecting on the completely flat chest

Given the situation, Miyako won’t open her eyes unless I make her reach climax once

As I was hired as her caretaker, I must not ignore this invitation

With a familiar manner, I stretched my hands to Miyako’s body




*puni* I touch the tip of her flat chest with my fingertip

Then, I continue to put the small protuberance between my thumb and index finger, pinch and roll it *korikori*




Miyako’s small body, which has already been developed countless times, began to feel pleasure just by a stimulus onto her nipples.

Miyako gradually became sweaty. The sweet scent peculiar to little girls became thicker.

If I spend time stimulating her nipples thoroughly like this, perhaps she may reach the climax.

However, since there is an important meeting today, I must not prolong it


hi, a, aa


When I pulled her nipples slightly stronger, Miyako’s well-shaped eyebrows became wrinkled

And at the same time, more love juice was secreted from her pussy

Creeping one hand to that place, I begin to trace along the single line using the little girl’s overflowing like peeing juice as lubricant.




Despite being molested while sleeping, Miyako pushed her loosen, wet crotch up, that posture was like wishing to be stimulated more instead.  (寝ている間に悪戯されているというのに、都子の腰はむしろもっと刺激してほしいとばかりに浮いて濡れた股間を押し付けてきた)

To reply her expectation, I spread Miyako’s child pussy with my fingers and invade the inside of her salmon pink, *punipuni* mucous membrane


「っ!? ……hi……auu……!」


While sleeping, her defenseless body will be loved.

Such corrupted situation increased Miyako’s sexual excitement.

The *kuchakucha* obscene watery sound echoes in the bedroom.




She will climax with just a little more

Just before that, I removed my hands from Miyako’s body.


「……fu, e?」


“why do you stop?” Miyako has such a painful expression.

The next moment, I shut Miyako up by kissing her small lips




At the same time, I peel the clitoris which was hidden inside her child pussy and and pinch it strongly *kyuu*




Receiving a strong stimulus due to my surprise attack, Miyako let out a soundless scream from her blocked up mouth, her slender body trembled *bikubiku*.

I devoted myself to taste Miyako’s soft lips until her climax lessened. When the waves faded, the young girl’s small body already lost its strength


hafuu……haa, haa……


Miyako leaks out a rough breathe from her released mouth.

Meanwhile I wipe Miyako’s wet crotch with a clean cloth, then neatly put the undressed, scattered around pajama on her.

After cleaning up everything, I softly caress Miyako’s head and leave the bedroom

I wait until Miyako gets up while preparing for a slightly late breakfast, then about 5 minutes later, Miyako whose breathing and mind have calmed down shows up from the bedroom


「……G, good morning」

「Ou, good moring」


I greeted Miyako who said a morning greeting with still slightly red cheeks back

This is the beginning of a day of Miyako, who was called a genius young girl. And also, the daily work of me, who was hired as her guard cum manager.





Let’s talk about the story of a certain genius young girl.

Her name is Ayase Miyako. She’s a girl from Japan like me with cute characteristic black, long hair that reaches her waist and slightly tsurime eyes which shows her seriousness

Because of that cuteness, in a section of the research laboratory, she is called Kitty. However, she extremely hates being treated like a kid, there’s also a rumor that if someone call her like that in front of her, that person will lost his position in the next day

The young girl who showed her intelligent from young ages has exhibit her genius-ness overseas many times, she has joined the adults and devoted herself to researching since she was 10 years old

I will be troubled if you ask me “what field?” though. In this girl’s case, something called “weak field” almost doesn’t exist.

If I have to say, she’s poor at working out, it’s also accompanied with her non-existence stamina. If she’s made to run 100 meters, the result will be so extreme that she won’t be able to move a step with her whole body covered with sweat

When I recall the scenes where her shirt sticking to her skin, the white skin that became transparent because of sweat, or the stuffy young girl’s scent overflowing from the taken off spats, even now I……*gohon(cough), we strayed from the story.

She’s such a genius, but there’s another weak point

It’s her easy to accumulate stress constitution.

This girl, who has been separated from her family since she was a child and contributed greatly to the development of science in a foreign research facility, has multiple mentally unstable parts

The preparation to reduce that problem (her stress) was to hire a temporary staff, which is me, to guard her when she works abroad

At the beginning, it was merely a guard request, but our hobbies and preference, as people from the same country, also match by chance, so I and Miyako got along well immediately. When I noticed that, I was already ordered to be her manager by my boss, so my job became listening to her grumble, becoming her playmate to release her stress

But to be frank, rather than risking my life to become a meat shield for a big shot, chatting and playing with a cute, young girl is more comfortable, so there’s no problem

Rather, my wages also increased

It was an amount of money that shows me how much she was expected



Then on a certain day, I witnessed her masturbating by chance.

Having come to her room to wake her up in the morning as always, the thing I observed in the bedroom was the figure of a genius young girl indulging herself in masturbating by wholeheartedly burying her face into my shirt, which I thought to have been lost for a little while

For a moment, I thought that the time had stopped.

In that worst sitiation, the choice the genius young girl chose was for some reason, to pretend to sleep

Perhaps she tried to put away that series of act using her usual brutal sleeping’s posture. Because of her unnatural sleeper’s breathing, tears overflowed from my eyes unintentionally.

But after all, I’m not such a demon to point that out.

During that unpleasant silence, inside my head, there was a single thought continuing to go around

By any chance, doesn’t Miyako like me in a sexual meaning?

Until now, I thought of her as my own little sister, she also yearned for me as an older brother

I knew she had a slightly dependent tendency, but I thought if she could devote herself in that stress-inducing research, that much was alright

However, burying her face into my shirt and indulging in masturbating was like treating me as a side dish (fap material)

To that shocking scene, I completely didn’t know what to do

Just like this, there was the “treating it like I didn’t see aything” move, but if I did that the moment we faced each other next time, the earth-shattering awkwardness wouldl be unavoidable.

In that case, there was only one thing I could do

It was to share the shame

I reached my hand to the body of Miyako who continued to pretend to sleep frantically, and began doing a crimial act that would send me to a police cell if I made a single mistake, which was to sexually assault the sleeping girl

I thought that if Miyako seemed to dislike that, I would withdraw immediately and treated it like I didn’t see anything.

However, Miyako received my sexual assault

I remembered reading from a magazine or something that a girl who just learnt how to masturbate couldn’t easily cum by herself.

The genius girl Miyako weren’t an exception, she didn’t seem to reach the climax even once with her little experience in masturbating

That day, Miyako who experienced her first climax showed a considerable shock, she went through such an embarrassing thing, but that much was still alright

I, who guided Miyako, who I saw as my little sister, to her climax with my own hands, felt a sense of accomplishment and the feeling of guilt at the same time

Since then, Miyako who learnt a stress reducing method by sexual climax has been looking at me with a “wishing for that” eye sometimes, but she doesn’t say it out, perhaps because saying it by herself is too embarrassing. It’s obvious.

Therefore, it has reached the point where Miyako pretended to be half-asleep to show her naked body, feigning that she dozed off while masturbating and waited for me to come and wake her up

Then it came to the most recent thing where she tempted me until I expressly exploit her





「I’m still sleepy」 (remember, she’s a bokukko so this I = boku)


On that certain day, when I came to Miyako’s bedroom to wake her up as always, I was greeted wich such words


「It’s already past noon」

「Today is, unfortunately, a day off. So I can sleep as I like. There’s no problem」

「It’s bad for your health」


I look at the girl on the bed with a shocked look

Today too, the cuff of the pajama was magnificently turned over, exposing her cute navel. Her pants was pulled down to her knees so the colorless, pure white, for primary school girl underwear is in full view

Being showed such an unladylike figure, am I being trusted that much by Miyako, or is she tempting me?


A mou, isn’t it because you come to wake me up so I wake up in a strange way?」 (君が起こしに来るから変に目がさめちゃったじゃないか)

「Yeah yeah. It’s fine so quickly go and take a shower. Your hair is long so your bed hair looks terrible」

「No. I want to idle about a bit more」

「Don’t say such a selfish thing」

「Hmm. If I say I will sleep, I will sleep」


Turning her body to the other direction, the genius young girl exposes her small buttocks

Ayase Miyako lacks shyness. Showing such appearance to a man even if her appearance is child-like makes me slightly worry


「Sleeping pills, please. I can sleep if I use that」

「Using it too much is bad for your health」

「I made it. No need to worry」


Being told by Miyako, I handed over the bottle written “sleeping pills” placed on the table reluctantly

Miyako took out one tablet from that and held it in her mouth without hesitation


「……I drank it」


Miyako reports with a slightly red face


「……surely, I think I won’t wake up for one hour」

「Hmm, then?」

「Therefore, during that time, I won’t notice if something is done to me……I……think」


「……It, it’s nothing in particular! Good night!」

Un. Good night」


Without making eye contact to the end, Miyako departed to the world of dream while still looking at the other direction

Immediately, I began to hear the cute *suyasuya* sleeper’s breathing

But of course, that’s feigning sleep

She pretended to drink the sleeping pill, but in fact, the content of the bottle was secretly switched to normal nutrient. That’s the reason

If I have to say why I did that, it’s because of an implicit rule where I mustn’t wake Miyako up with the usual, daily sexual assault, so it can’t go beyond a certain level of action (なぜこんなことをするのかというと、普段の日課では都子を起こさないように悪戯する、という暗黙のルールがあるため一定以上の行為には及ぶことができないのだ)

Therefore, by taking the sleeping pill, Miyako implicitly told me 「I absolutely won’t wake up, so do more ecchi thing to me」

Good grief, recently, Miyako has gradually become such an ecchi girl

Maa, all of it was my fault though

I immediately started the action according to Miyako’s wish

Removing the futon covering Miyako’s young body, I change her into facing up posture.

The childish sleeping face which hasn’t left its innocence behind was completely similar to that of a pure angel who knows no impurities

I don’t know what kind of thought she’s having in her heart, but her appearance is really that of a normal, cute, childish, young girl

Firstly, I unfasten the buttons of the upper pajama, which was half off since the night, one by one




Puchipuchi, I did it slowly like teasing her

When I unfasten the last one, the thin camisole she wore below becomes exposed.

When I stimulated the small, slightly see-through small protuberances by crushing them with my fingers, the angelic sleeping face distorted fascinately




The small flower buds which were rubbed through a thin cloth, pinched and pulled gradually became stiff and sharp, they stood out to the point that it was clearly visible from her camisole


ya……that, placee…………」


Tightening her lips to endure the stimulus, Miyako made my sadistic heart become excited

This time, I avoid the resisting, pointing sharply parts and gently caress the surrounding flat chest

Perhaps due to her habitual staying up late, the sign of her growing up nicely can’t be seen at all

This is a massage and I’m helping Miyako’s growth. I who was driven by that enigmatic thought restlessly caress her young breasts




Because of the persistent massage without touching her sensitive parts, Miyako had a painful expression despite seemingly feeling good

The irritating time for Miyako continues for a while, and when her breathing gradually roughens, I pull her camisole up to her breasts




Her swelling nipples were exposed, the face of Miyako, who understood that I completely knew she was excited, became red.




When I directly pinched the already flustered childish buds, a seemingly feeling good voice flew out from Miyako’s mouth

I pretended not to hear it and continued to violently caress her erect nipples


nn! A, yaa……! Nyaan!


Although it’s unnatural not to resist despite being done this much, Miyako doesn’t resist at all

On the contrary, she only puffs up her flat chest and pushed out the pointed parts, wanting more.

In accordance with her desire, I pinch her nipples with my fingers, roll them *korikori* and apply a slightly strong stimulus




The young girl, who hasn’t awakened to sex appearance, can feel her nipples being teased to the point that her waist is raised

Because of such a corruption-like scene, my penis began erecting inside my pants to the point that it was painful

While stimulating her childish bud with one hand, my tongue crawled on the back of Miyako’s neck


hi……! ……っ!?」


Despite showing a huge *biku* spasm, Miyako receives my tongue’s caressing without resisting

I lick and suck to my heart’s content the unspeakable delicious taste, which is the combination of the saltyness of Miyako’s night sweat and her own sweet taste, while spreading my own transparent saliva onto her

It’s a flavor I can lick forever

When I approached her small lips from the back of her neck through her cheek, her mouth, which was closed to endure the pleasure until a while ago, became partly open slovenly.

*chirochiro* Miyako’s cute tongue appears and disappears continuously as if inviting me


n…………chu? Jupu, kuchu, chururu, juchuu……!?


Being incited, my tongue began violating Miyako’s mouth

Entwining her small tongue with mine, and licking her smooth teeth one by one as if brushing them

Sexually harassing a sleeping, young as her appearance girl, that situation aroused me endlessly

Opening one hand to hold the back of her head, behind her bed hair like not letting her escape, I continue the violent kiss


kuchuru……koku, koku……chumu, jupo, juuuuuuuu! Nmu!? Nnnnnnn!?


At the same time, I squash her nipple stronger

When I did so, Miyako’s body convulsed *gakugaku*, her childish body bended backward like a bow.

She climaxed

However, I don’t slow down my teasing hand




While continuing kissing, I moved the hand placed on her chest to her lower half. When I touched her single line genital from the surface of her child pantsu made from cotton like tracing it, the *guchuri* wet sensation was transmitted through the cloth


*hamu**chupo**kuchu**rerorero*, n, nn! nnnn!?


Miyako’s toes immediately stretch.

She’s frantically enduring the pleasure

Continuing to pretend to sleep although her body, from head to food, has become red while love juice overflows from her childish genital, what a funny……not, praiseworthy genius girl, I wonder if she noticed that she’s entwining our tongues by herself

More, I want more

When I send the fluids blended with our saliva to her cute, sucking lips as if to say that, Miyako drinks it up *kokukoku* without hesitation




She has a sleeping face that make me misunderstand “she’s surely dreaming of eating something delicious”  (きっと美味しいものでも食べている夢を見ているんだろう、と俺が勘違いするのだろうと思っている寝顔だ)

Honestly, it’s absurdly cute

I want to defile her like this

Wholeheartedly thinking that, I took out the stiff, erect penis from my pants, and pressed it against the angel-like sleeping face.


「っ!? …………munya


Because of the hot, smelly, slimy *nurunuru* sensation of my meat stick, Miyako can guess what it is instantly

However, Miyako won’t open her eyes.

On the contrary, to match the penis which was pushed to the point that the shape of her *punipuni* cheek changed, Miyako moved her head and pushed her soft lips by herself


n, nu? …………chu




Chuu, peropero, kuchu, jurururu


Completely like licking an ice cream, her small tongue licks all over the meat stick

To thank Miyako who chose to service my penis by herself, I strengthen the caressing through her child pantsu and give her more pleasure

Aa, touching a loli puni pussy while being given fellatio by a young, pretending to sleep girl feels too good


kupupu……monyumonyu, na, chupi, rerureroperojururu


Before I know, Miyako has already serviced me with her hands too, not just her mouth

This is my thing

I won’t let it get away

Grasping my meat stick tightly to the point that you can feel those intention and rubbing it up and down while her tongue crawls thoroughly, that figure of Miyako showed that she’s already attaining full womanhood.

I thrusted my hand inside Miyako’s child pantsu

The inside was already *bishobisho(soaked), completely like bet-wetting


「It’s already this wet……don’t tell me, Miyako wet her bed?」



Miyako groaned as if to say “wrong”

As always, she seems to dislike being treated like a child


「I must punish the bad girl who seems to wet her bed」



*kupaa* I open the smooth, completely hairless child pussy with my fingertips, exposing the small, skin-wrapped  protuberance

When I gently stimulated the childish, peeled, exposed to the open air clitoris with my *nurunuru* slimy with love juice finger, Miyako’s body sprang up pleasantly.


「The *torotoro* thing leaked out again. Miyako would need the medicine soon」


With a tone completely similar to playing doctor, I insert my penis inside Miyako’s small mouth *zubuzubu*




Miyako’s already being exploited throat easily gulps down a grown-up man’s penis

Miyako has her head held like an onahole and is forced to give mouth service, playing the *jupojupo* indecent watery sound while sleeping

However, Miyako had a distorted expression which seems to be glad somewhere, the proof was the spreading stain on her child pantsu having a deeper color than before


jururururu, kuchu, nku, nku……chupi, juuuuuu! Rero, unyu……


Having a body which would taste anything inserted in her mouth as a conditioned reflex, without using her teeth Miyako only uses her tongue to lick it


「I will let out the medicine soon」

jupupupupu……puhaa……! a……e……?


I pull the *bikubiku* convulsing, grotesque meat stick out from Miyako’s beautiful lips

Perhaps she felt that it was taken out from her mouth, a question mark appeared on Miyako’s sleeping face。

I straddled Miyako while still grasping my penis

I wrap up Miyako’s tiny, soft hand with both hands and make her do a hand job. An obscene *guchuguchu* sound is made with my pre-cum and Miyako’s saliva




What is she being made to do right now, what will I intend to made her do, without understanding those, Miyako who continues to pretend to sleep has an uneasy expression

That puzzled expression once again fans my sadistic heart and arouses me





*byukubyuku* the penis which she was made to grasp rampaged inside her hand. Miyako hid her surprise from that sensation as well as the sensation of the lukewarm, *dorodoro* muddly liquid being shot out all over her body

Head, hair, chest, stomach, Miyako’s entire upper half is mercilessly rained with cloudy liquid




In the state which was completely similar to after being gang-raped, Miyako who had a suffering tendency tightly shut her mouth as her small body sprang up because of the bursting pleasure from the inside of her body

She climaxed after having her body defiled with semen




While being immersed in the post-ejaculation reverberation, I exhaled after feeling like I had finished my task

While looking down on Miyako who climaxed after having her upper half painted with semen, I take out my secret weapon from my pocket

The continuing to pretend to sleep Miyako has no way of knowing what would be done to her after this, and even if she knew, she would have no way to stop it

Since she herself said that she wouldn’t wake up in one hour, if she wakes up here, it will be similar to admitting that she intentionally accepts the mouth service and the sexual molestation up to now

*pipi*, *pashari*, the electronic sound resounds.




Still closing her eyes, Miyako has a curious face, not knowing what is happening

*pashapashapasha*, the similar electronic sound consecutively echoed inside the bedroom




Perhaps she has identified it. Miyako’s white skin was visibly dyed red


Uwa, Miyako’s cute face painted with semen is clearly displayed. As expected of the newest cellphone, such high resolution」



I murmur while viewing the saved unladylike appearance of the genius young girl in the smartphone in my hand, the supposed to sleep Miyako began to tremble greatly *purupuru*


「These sharp, erect, tiny nipples too, this *teratera* shining lips covered with drool too, this child pantsu soaked *gushogusho* with love juice too, everything is visible. While we’re at it, how about recording the inside of this loli pussy?」


Without a single resistance, Miyako received the fingers of me, who forcibly spreads her crotch *kupaa* and is trying to record its interior.

If she resists here, it will be similar to confessing she didn’t drink the sleeping pill.

This obstinate genius young girl is not someone who can confess that she herself wished for a man’s caressing, so she has no choice but to endure the sexual assault which would begin after this


「Hymen spotted. What a cute pink color」


*pipi*, *pashari*


「Hello, the genius young girl’s clitoris. Covering yourself with skin like this, such a shy child, aren’t you」


*pipi*, *pashari*


「Shall I specially carefully record the anal? Every single wrinkle, carefully」






Miyako screams soundlessly.

However, the revenge of me who continued to be stopped just before won’t end with this much

I couldn’t endure with just the half-baked morning touching and fellatio anymore.

After going along with this stress reduction on countless occasions, as expected I couldn’t see Miyako as a little sister anymore.

I wonder how many times I have broken this genius girl’s hymen in my brain?

Honesly speaking, it’s already my limit


「Hey, I wonder what will happen if I send this embarrassing data to all members of the research laboratory?」


「I think from tomorrow, everyone will look at Miyako as an ecchi girl. There are someone with that kind of hobby among them, so they will masturbate using Miyako’s naked body as side dish」


「Or rather, shall I scatter it on the internet? Profile included. If so, I think everyone in the world will know that ecchi things were done to Ayase Miyako while she was sleeping」


I aggitate her, but of course I don’t intend to do such a thing. If I do that then surely I will be sacked, physically (the word for being sacked/dismissed is 首が飛ぶ aka my head will fly)

Besides, the only one who can see Miyako’s naked body is me.

Like hell I will show it to others.

Hiding my innermost thoughts, I continue speaking.


Are, perhaps, you get wet from hoping to be seen by everyone? I feel like the amount of love juice increased more than before though」


*bikuri* Miyako’s shoulders tremble

It isn’t a lie, her love juice is in fact overflowing *torotoro* like drools.

It seems like Miyako not only has a suffering tendency, she also has an exposure tendency.


Fumu, then shall we have a walk outside like this? Let’s go around the research laboratory while having your ulterly stark naked, flat chest as well as your smooth pussy exposed」


I only try to tell a joke, but as if she imagined it, the amount of Miyako’s love juice increases more than before, her breathing also becomes rough.

She’s obviously aroused.

When I softly put my hand on her chest, I understood that her heart was throbbing like it would explode.


「Of course, it’s just a joke though」


When I announce so, the feigning sleeping genius girl had a relieved expression openly.

But only for a moment, the disappointment somewhere surely isn’t just my imagination.

Next time, let’s have a naked stroll. With our bare face if possible.


「Instead, shall I take more Miyako’s embarrassing photos?」



When the skin-wrapped, speck-like clitoris was peeled and exposed, a shriek leaked our from Miyako’s mouth reflexively


「A genius young girl’s bet-wetting, let’s save it as a video」

kuhiHya, staph……!?」


Having the place where she hasn’t touched herself stimulated forcibly, Miyako is drown in a stronger than ever pleasure.


「That reminds me, I think my phone isn’t waterproof? Well whatever」



Miyako’s complexion changed at my extremely unnatural murmuring.

I also brought the phone prepared for working, but by chance, the one I used here today was a disposable phone

Soon after declaring the recording, I installed a lens at a not far position from Miyako’s crotch.

If she aims there and shoots her pee, the data inside will be erased, Miyako was embracing that wish.

To help her to urinate, I carefully stimulated the area near her urethra thoroughly

Miyako’s expression wrapped interestingly, I completely knew that she is putting more strength to her stomach to pee as fast as possible before I change my mind

Eventually, golden liquid vigorously gushes out from Miyako’s pussy.


hi…………a, aaa……


Making a *pushaaaaaaaaaa* sound, the genius young girl’s essence soaked into the bed.

I prepared a substitute sheet beforehand, but Miyako who doesn’t know that was dyed red to her ears because of the shame as she wet the bed she always slept on like a child.


Arara, the phone was soaked and broken」


Because of my thoroughly unnatural murmuring, Miyako’s expression softened somewhat


「Then, we must clean this dirty body」



Suddenly lifting Miyako’s body, which was in a terrible state as the upper half was covered with semen while the lower half was covered with pee, I leave the bedroom

Just like that, we headed to the large bathroom installed in the room.


「e? ……e?」


Miyako, whose comprehension couldn’t catch up with what would be done to her despite having come this far, seems to be anxious.

I strip off the almost taken off pajama and underwear of the genius young girl, exposing her pure white naked body.




The stark naked Miyako lets out a soundless scream and tries to hide her secret place, but her hand is caught by me and is moved to behind.

Sitting in front of the mirror, Miyako knew how embarrassing the figure she was forced to do right now was, her expression wrapped like she would cry.

Although she usually shows off her naked body, it seems like being forced to do so is embarrassing.

I can’t understand a maiden’s heart.

I wash away the semen and pee sticking to Miyako’s body with warm shower.

As expected, she didn’t seem to expect to have the parts which she normally would wash herself after the morning sexual assault being washed by me.

My just ejaculated penis once again regains its hardness because of Miyako’s embarrassing figure.




Riding the bodysoap, my hands glide on Miyako’s linear body which lacks undulation. (he’s talking about how flat her chest is)

Without using towel and the likes, I continue rubbing and washing using my hands only.

Especially, I also caress her erogenous zones like her pussy or nipples carefully and thoroughly, making a *guchuguchu* sound as if it’s a lotion play rather than washing


「……っ! fua……! hin……!?」


Perhaps she already came many times, Miyako’s sweet, coquettish voice has been echoing in my ears since a while ago.


「It will be good soon」

fue……? hya……!」


Lifting Miyako’s “light like a feather” body, I gently put her on a mat and press my stiff, erect penis against her child pussy which became slimy *nurunuru* with love juice.




Her comprehension still couldn’t catch up with what I will do to her after this.

I whispered this to Miyako’s ear, who was having an anxious expression.


「Miyako’s first time, I will take it」


Zunyuu……buchi, buchi!

When I pushed my penis using my body weight, Miyako’s child pussy which has been thoroughly developed gulped it down *zupuzupu*, the sound of something like a membrane being torn can be heard from her inside

The proof of Miyako’s purity dripped from the joined part.

In this very minute, I just stole this genius young girl’s virginity.




I prevent Miyako from screaming because of the pain from losing her virginity by kissing her lips

I forcibly stole the virginity of a sleeping girl (actually feigning sleeping though), but of course I don’t hate her, or rather you could say that I love her

However, exactly because I love her, I couldn’t endure anymore


nchuu……rero, guchu, jurururu, funya……jupi, nnnnnn!?

gu……it hurts……」


While averting her conscious by entwining our tongues, I insert my penis deep inside

I was aroused because of the sensation of violating the inside of Miyako, which has never been touched by anyone.

It was too much that I would ejaculate immediately if I lost focus.


「Just, a bit……」

nmuuuuuuuu! N, nnnn!?


*kotsun* the tip of my penis touched something hard.

The moment I realized it was the mouth of the uterus, I could feel a sense of accomplishment.



「Are you alright?」


I unintentionally asked Miyako who was showing a seemingly painful expression, but there’s no way she’s alright.

However, even so Miyako doesn’t stop pretending to sleep

If she really wanted to refuse me, she could wake up here and insult me with abusive language, but the obsinate yet shy genius young girl couldn’t do that

No, or perhaps she doesn’t want to


「Extract your power, exhale」


「That’s right. Just like that」


Miyako obediently obeyed my words and began to adjust her breathing.

I continue to gently stroke Miyako’s head until she completely calms down.




Despite just a little, I saw Miyako smiling

What is this girl, too cute


「It has come this far, but whenever you feel painful, just say. I will immediately stop」



Miyako replied to my words by remaining slient

In other words, it’s like that


「I will move」



Making a *gupugupu* sound, my penis goes in and out Miyako’s brand new pussy

Meanwhile, in order to soften Miyako’s pain even just a little, I stimulated her nipples and clitoris and entwined our tongues, continuing giving her pleasure

Gradually, love juice was excreted from her whole vagina. The painfully tightening virgin pussy gradually reached the point where it can received a mismatching size meat stick without resistance.

The large amount of prepared lubricant seems to be effective




A sweet voice is mixed inside the voice of Miyako who looks hurt at the beginning

Perhaps, she begins to feel her first sex?

I thought she has the suffering tendency for a long time, but I didn’t think it was this much

Or, maybe it’s because the other party is me

In either case, the only thing I can do is to make Miyako feel better


kuun……hyaa, a, aa!?


That voice is obviously a coquettish one already

Moreover, the movement of my waist naturally becomes faster as I get hooked on

*Pachun*, *pachun*, *pachun*

The obscene sound of water echoes in the bathroom

Before I knew, Miyako’s arms and legs had gone around my body to embrace me.


「……is it good?」

a, nn……hyaii……!」

「Understood……I will ejaculate inside」


I’m at so at my limit

I lied down on Miyako’s small body like crushing it

She absolutely can’t escape with this

This is something commonly referred as mating hold


nnnnnnn!? A, a, aaa, cumming, I’m, cumming!」


Miyako’s feigning sleeps was also at its limit

The voice of her heart leaks out frettingly




*zun*! I put my whole body weight remarkably strong and penetrate Miyako’s child pussy deep inside

The moment I felt the sensation of the uterus’s mouth with the tip, I filled the inside of this small, young girl’s vagina *gabyugabyu* with the amount of semen you wouldn’t think it was the second time today




At the same time, the pressure of Miyako’s child pussy became strong as if to wring out everything without leaving a single drop

Despite being small, she seems to possess the female instinct properly

Choosing the time when the child pussy’s constriction ended, I once again overlapped my lips with Miyako’s


n……chu, jupu……koku, kokun……rero, chururu……puha

「……Soon, one hour will pass」


While staring at the display of the digital clock installed on the wall of the bathroom, I murmur so

However, the “this isn’t enough to satisfy my sexual desire” complain fills my heart


「……say, Miyako. I have an additional sleeping pill here though」


「Once again, won’t you drink it?」


Saying so, I place a pill on Miyako’s lips

If Miyako feels painful, she can just not drink it

However, if she has the same feeling as mine……




As if answering my filled with expectation gaze, Miyako drinks the normal nutrient pretended to be sleeping pill




Because of that silent begging, my penis which kept inserting inside her regained its strength again

In the end, after that Miyako drank three additional nutrient pill

It’s already too late, but thank god today is a day off





After that, we added morning sex in addition to daily caressing

To reduce the stress of the genius young girl, today too, I would continue to mate with Miyako’s small body, who continued to pretend to sleep

Surely, I will continue until her menstruation comes

No, even if her menstruation began, this relationship between me and Miyako will continue

For now, I want to make love to Miyako while she’s awake, but that dream won’t become real for the time being.

A Genius Bokukko’s Stress Reducing Method.

A Genius Bokukko’s Stress Reducing Method.

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
A genius girl pretended to drink sleeping pill and invited her beloved partner, hoping for an ecchi stress reduction. But despite being surprised from the more ecchi thing than she thought being done to her, the girl noticed the happiness from her heart and lost her virginity, then finally came from their first s*x. It’s that kind of story.


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