A Flower on the Back of His Head chapter 3

Chapter 3

As the time went by Lin Zhi had a good relationship with He Yan, and it got better and better. At least Lin Zhi could make some jokes. However, when the river was smooth and windy, something happened. Someone from the senior executives of their company sent a mail with several photos attached to almost all the people who worked in the company. Although the background of the photo was very dim, the people in the photos could still be seen clearly.

One of the people in the picture was Lin Zhi, who leaned in the arms of another person. It was clear from the figure that he was a male. When Lin Zhi saw this photo, the cold sweat on his back dropped down. What he was most afraid of was not that others would discover his sexual orientation, but that others would find out that the blurry man in the photo was He Yan. Fortunately, this picture only showed his face clearly and what he was worried about, did not happen for the time being.

There were whispers around Lin Zhi. He didn’t need to listen to know what his colleagues discussed about him. At that moment, the secretary suddenly came and asked Lin Zhi to go to the office.

Lin Zhi, “…” He stood up in distress, and walked to the office as he watched the eyes of colleagues filled with sympathy and gloating. He pushed the door open and saw He Yan who sat across the table.

He Yan’s finger tapped the table, “Lin Zhi.” Lin Zhi groaned. He Yan said, “What do you think, how is my mood now?” Lin Zhi thought about what he could say. He thought he must be in a bad mood when he saw such a picture. However, when he remembered about the flower, he glanced at the window behind He Yan. Unexpectedly, the little flower on He Yan’s head was blooming in splendid splendor, and it was tender white with little pink petals which swayed in circles, just like a dance. His eyes widened with the thought that he was wrong.

He Yan said, “Yes?”

Lin Zhi, “… Not bad.”

He Yan looked at Lin Zhi expressionlessly. His sword eyebrow curled up a subtle arc. The eyes of the two met, and He Yan’s voice was slowly heard, “Yes, it’s not bad.”

Lin Zhi, “…” Boss, what’s wrong with you?

He Yan said: “You don’t have to worry about this. I will find out who did it, go.”

The President did not blame him. He was relieved. He hesitated for a moment and asked, “President He… I want to ask, this picture was from that day when I was drunk…”

He Yan didn’t answer, his face seemed to have a smile.
Lin Zhi’s scalp was numb and said: “President He, if I did anything wrong, please forgive me…”

He Yan said, “How to forgive?”
Lin Zhi: “…”

As he saw the speechless face of Lin Zhi, He Yan smiled again. He was in a particularly good mood today, and said with a soft tone, “It’s alright, go.” Lin Zhi heard the word and trembled out of the office door. Although He Yan said that he would solve this matter, it still had a very bad influence on Lin Zhi. For example, when he left work today, Lin Zhi heard some people whisper in the elevator.

“Is it him?”

“He is in the planning department…”

“He looks pretty good, why…”

Lin Zhi glanced behind him, it was two female colleagues. When they saw his eyes, they shut up. The elevator door opened and He Yan stood outside.

“Mr. He?” Lin Zhi was taken aback. He Yan had a separate elevator. So he didn’t need to be crowded with them. He Yan walked to Lin Zhi’s side with a natural expression, watched the elevator door close and asked, “Are you free at night?”

Lin Zhi didn’t expect He Yan to say this here. He froze for a moment and nodded.

He Yan said: “I found the man.” Lin Zhi did not respond for a while, “Who?”

He Yan glanced at the two female colleagues behind Lin Zhi, “Send our photos to the whole company.”

Two female colleagues, “…”

Lin Zhi, “…”

He Yan said, “Leave it to me at night.” After he said this, he went directly out of the elevator door, left Lin Zhi, and the two pale-faced women. Lin Zhi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t expect that he would see such a childish side of He Yan. He didn’t say anything, and walked to He Yan. Two days after that, no one gossiped about Lin Zhi, and as He Yan said, the person who sent the photo was also found. The man was actually the supervisor who was involved in the project leak. He happened to meet He Yan and Lin Zhi at the bar. He didn’t dare to retaliate against Han Yan, so he struck Lin Zhi’s head.

Who knew, He Yan directly took care of Lin Zhi. The method of protection looked a little strange. Lin Zhi thought about this while floating in the indoor pool at He Yan’s house. He Yan was on the phone as he rested on the shore. He wore swimming trunks and showed his beautiful abdominal muscles and slender thighs. Lin Zhi with his swimming goggles looked at him… The swimming goggles were good. He won’t be discovered if he observed He Yan in secret. He Yan put his phone down, turned and jumped into the water.

“Would the little flower on the head get wet?” The chaotic thoughts poured into Lin Zhi’s mind. By the time he responded, He Yan was in front of him.

“Lin Zhi.” He Yan suddenly called his name.

Lin Zhi said, “Huh?”

He Yan said, “You like men, right?”

Lin Zhi was a little embarrassed, but nodded. He Yan approached him, his cheeks and Lin Zhi’s cheeks were almost stuck together. He said, “Can you see what I’m thinking?”

Lin Zhi retreated. He was flustered by He Yan’s sudden aggression, but He Yan grabbed his arm. He Yan said, “What to hide?” Lin Zhi paused, he said: “President He… Actually… I can see your emotions… because…”

He Yan waited for the answer. Lin Zhi said with courage, “Because, I like you.” When he said this, his eyes wanted to find the flowers on He Yan’s head, but the two of them leaned face to face. This was not what he wanted. However, this time he didn’t look at the flower, he clearly felt that He Yan was happy.

He Yan’s expression did not change, but the slight tremor in his eyes made Lin Zhi catch his emotion.

He Yan said: “What do you think, how is my mood now?” Lin Zhi looked at him and reached out to hug He Yan’s neck. The two lips glued together, and their hearts were connected, but Lin Zhi’s hand quietly held the back of He Yan’s head, he tried to find the little flower in full bloom, on his head. At the end of the kiss, He Yan frowned, “What are you looking for?”

Lin Zhi whispered, “find…find you…”

He Yan: “Huh?”

Lin Zhi said, “Brain hole?”

He Yan: “..”

There should be a hole in the brain …. The flower must be blooming.



A Flower on the Back of His Head

A Flower on the Back of His Head

Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Short and sweet story. The employer can see a little flower on his boss head that describe the boss mood. When the boss is happy, the flower bloomed and shines. When the boss is in bad mood the flower withered. Why is he the only one who could see the little flower on his boss head?Boss X Employee


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