A Flower on the Back of His Head chapter 2

Chapter 2

Lin Zhi joined this company a year ago. He saw He Yan on the first day of his work. The supervisor who recruited him at that time talked to him about his tenure, and even said that he planned to send him away. As soon as he opened the elevator door, he saw a tall man in a suit inside. The supervisor addressed the man with a smile on his face, as President He. Lin Zhi was not stupid, and he also greeted the President.

The man was about 1.7 or 1.8 m tall, he was taller than Lin Zhi. He looked at them and nodded coldly. Lin Zhi didn’t feel his attitude was arrogant, in fact he thought it suited well for the boss person. Lin Zhi was new in the Company. Since he was still not sure of his boss’s preferences, he stood obediently, as quiet as a chicken.

On the third floor, He Yan first got off the elevator. Lin Zhi had his head slightly lowered, and when He Yan was about to step out of the elevator, Lin Zhi looked up at his back, and it made him laugh. He Yan’s footsteps froze in an instant, and he turned to stare blankly at him, “Why?” Lin Zhi was anxious, “Sorry, I was just happy that I got to work in your company.”

He Yan thoughtfully looked at Lin Zhi, but fortunately he didn’t say anything and turned away. The supervisor was also taken aback by Lin Zhi and said, “How can you laugh so suddenly?” Lin Zhi sincerely apologized, “Sorry, I am just happy.” Fortunately, the supervisor was very satisfied with Lin Zhi’s resume and interview. This incident did not cost him the job, otherwise Lin Zhi would be in tears.

The reason why Lin Zhi really laughed was that he saw a small, lovely flower on the back of He Yan. The flower appeared abruptly on He Yan’s head, which was out of tune with his cold and serious temperament. It looked petite and cute, As the breeze blew, it trembled gently.

Lin Zhi thought at that time that this was just an accident. Maybe a flower from a tree happened to fall on top of his head. But later he discovered that this was not an accident. This flower had always existed, and only he could see it, and he noticed an important feature, that flower bloomed and withered according to He Yan’s mood. When he was in a good mood, the small flower bloomed. The happier he was, the more the petals, the more stretched they were, the more the bright yellow stamens were exposed. When he was unhappy, the flower would shrink into a stamen, wraps tightly, like He Yan’s frown.

This morning, the small flower on the head of He Yan had shrunk into a ball. He was in a very bad mood, until the afternoon, when the petals slowly stretched. It was almost time to get off work. Lin Zhin and He Yan got off work together. The little flower appeared in full bloom. Boss was in a good mood. After Lin Zhi got in He Yan’s car, he glanced at the lovely little flower quietly.

He Yan sat in the driver’s seat and started the car. His expression was careless, but what he said made Lin Zhi tremble, “You like to stare at the back of my head.”
Lin Zhi laughed twice and quickly adjusted his expression. He pretended to be innocent, “No.”

He Yan said, “Yes.”

Lin Zhi had nothing to say, he did not expect He Yan to be so keen. Fortunately, He Yan was not entangled on this topic. After the car started, he asked, “What do you want to eat?” Lin Zhi was never a picky eater. He obediently said, “Anything.” He Yan’s finger clicked on the steering wheel, “Let’s eat Chinese food.” So the dinner issue was settled. He Yan drove, Lin Zhi leaned against the seat and closed his eyes to relax. The atmosphere in the car was comfortable. But that day was Friday, the road they were on was congested. Lin Zhi just wanted to close his eyes and relax, but he slept soundly after he closed his eyes. Until they reached the destination, Lin Zhi felt that someone gently called his name. Lin Zhi, opened his eyes. He reflexively took the support of the seat with his hand, and his body fell halfway towards the front. Then his lips felt a soft touch, Lin Zhi’s drowsiness instantly disappeared, his eyes got round.

“Mr. He! Sorry!” Lin Zhi shrank back.

“It’s okay.” He Yan’s expression didn’t change, “Get down.” Lin Zhi nodded and watched He Yan get out of the car first. He Yan seemed indifferent. The lovely little flower on the back of his head still maintained the bloom. It even opened more brilliantly. Lin Zhi was a little uncertain. He didn’t dare to study it again. He quickly untied the seat belt and got out of the car. The location of the dinner was a private restaurant that needs to be reserved one month in advance. Lin Zhi had heard about it before, but it was the first time he saw it in person.

“Do you have anything to say today?” Lin Zhi asked, as he looked at the menu.

“Can’t I invite you for dinner unless there is a reason?” He Yan asked back.

Lin Zhi was speechless. “Just kidding.” He Yan said, but there was no smile on his face. “I have something to talk to you about.” He Yan said, “Let’s order first.” After the dishes were ready, he began to discuss business with Lin Zhi. Similar to what Lin Zhi had guessed, He Yan talked about the leak of the project details. From He Yan’s attitude, Lin Zhi guessed that some of the main people who were in charge of the project might have leaked it. After his talk with He Yan his guess was confirmed.

With plenty of food and drinks, they left the place. The sky was dark, He Yan got up and took Lin Zhi back home. Lin Zhi wanted to refuse, but He Yan was determined. Half an hour later, He Yan’s car stopped in front of Lin Zhi’s house. Lin Zhi got out of the car, turned to smile and said good night to He Yan. Lin Zhi saw that He Yan looked at him thoughtfully.

“President He.” Lin Zhi didn’t understand his expression.

“Do you like men?” He Yan’s face was indifferent. With just a few words he made Lin Zhi drown in cold sweat with shock. Lin Zhi laughed, “President He… what do you mean…”
“Literally.” He Yan said.

Lin Zhi took a deep breath and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t figure out what to say. He Yan knew that he was going to block it, and said bluntly, “Yes or no?”

Lin Zhi was helpless, “Yes.”

“Okay.” He Yan nodded. “Good night.”

He Yan drove away. Lin Zhi didn’t know what He Yan thought. He only knew that when He Yan left, the lovely little flower behind his head bloomed brilliantly. The next day, Lin Zhi took over the leaked project. There was a lot of talk about this in the company. Of course, most people talked about how the directors who leaked the details would end up. There were also some gossips about Lin Zhi.

“Lin Zhi, it looks like you have a very good relationship with President He.” Sister Yu asked curiously. Lin Zhi typed on the keyboard and smiled bitterly, “Sister Yu, you think too much.”

Sister Yu said, “It’s not that I am overthinking. Everyone in the company thinks the same. Be careful the water inside is deep.” Lin Zhi received the kind words of Sister Yu, but did not take this matter too seriously. He hadn’t done anything bad, and he was not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door. But what troubled Lin Zhi was that after a period of time, He Yan began to invite him frequently. Sometimes it was for dinner, sometimes drinking, and occasionally fishing, and almost all of the time after he would get off from work and join He Yan.

Lin Zhi couldn’t figure out what He Yan wanted. Although he liked men, he wasn’t narcissistic enough to think that He Yan would look at him. But fortunately, every time he accompanied him to a feast, Lin Zhi got more and more comfortable because of that little flower. The little flower was in a bloomed state, which means that President He was happy. When Lin Zhi was drunk, he stared at the back of He Yan’s head. He Yan sat beside Lin Zhi and turned to ask him what he laughed at. Lin Zhi said, “I think you’re… very happy.”

He Yan: “…”

Lin Zhi said, “Very very happy!” Lin Zhi actually had a good alcohol tolerance, but today he had a troublesome project, so he inevitably drank a few more glasses. He Yan often asked him to come out to drink, and the number of times they met increased. Lin Zhi was no longer as nervous as he was in front of him. He Yan took a sip of wine and said, “You seem to be able to guess my mood?”

“Of course.” Lin Zhi was dizzy, and his words were ambiguous. “I… I can see the little flower…” He Yan raised his eyebrows, “Little flowers?” Lin Zhi was already drunk on the sofa and couldn’t utter a word anymore. He Yan looked at his drunken face, but was lost in contemplation.

A Flower on the Back of His Head

A Flower on the Back of His Head

Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Short and sweet story. The employer can see a little flower on his boss head that describe the boss mood. When the boss is happy, the flower bloomed and shines. When the boss is in bad mood the flower withered. Why is he the only one who could see the little flower on his boss head?Boss X Employee


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