A Flower For You chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Come in and we’ll pick out the perfect flower for you!”


Such a sign was posted at the entrance of a flower shop.

It was a sign meant to tickle a woman’s fancy or pique the interest of a man that wants to send some flowers to his woman.

It was raining that day, and the surroundings were dim and gloomy. There was a slight breeze blowing and the rain was coming from the front, so I walked with the umbrella slightly tilted forward. And as I raised my umbrella, the flower shop caught my eye. The colors inside were so vivid that they stood out in this grey world.

I didn’t have any intention of buying flowers, and neither did I have a vase at home, but for some reason, I wondered what kind of flowers would suit me best, so I entered the store.

A bell rang as soon as I entered the store. Nobody was inside the store, so the bell might have served to notify the shopkeepers that a customer had arrived. The inside of the shop was cozy, and the flowers displayed inside were flowers that I haven’t seen before. It seemed like the flowers they sold weren’t just ordinary flowers. I looked inside the shop, but I couldn’t find even a single flower I recognized.




And then, a young woman emerged from the back of the store. She seemed to have a soft and calm aura about her. And as I looked at her, I noticed the flower sticking out of her hair. From a distance, I couldn’t tell if it was a real flower or not, but since this was a flower shop, I just assumed it was real. It’s unusual for fresh flowers to be used as hair ornaments though. I wonder if this was the kind of flower that was unique to her.


The woman smiled as she stared at me intently. Instead of staring at my face or my body as a whole, it seemed like she was studying my expression.

Even before I could tell her what I wanted, she reached inside the glass case and offered me a cut flower.


“How about this?”


The flower looked like an orange lily. But the flower was smaller than a lily so it didn’t look like one either, and its leaves were different. I don’t remember exactly, but I was sure that a lily’s leaves were long, slender, and grew upward. But the leaves on this flower grew around the flower’s crown just like a sunflower’s. I thought it was unusual for cut flowers to still have their leaves attached.


“This one is called a Selmechia. It has a strong fragrance and contains a lot of nectar, so it attracts a lot of butterflies and bees.”



When I didn’t say anything back, the woman gave a small nod of understanding and tentatively placed the flower on the counter. She then brought me a small, potted flower that was by the entrance.


“How about this one?”


The flowers on the potted plant were small and blue and looked like a smaller version of a pansy or the flowers of an eggplant plant. However, the stamen in the middle of the flowers was unusually large and protruding.


“This one is called a Lapiscale. It has a lot of pollen which makes it attractive as it looks like it has been sprinkled with gold dust.”



The woman narrowed her eyes and gave another small nod, and placed the potted flowers on the counter as she moved around the shop. Then, she brought and showed me a cut flower that she retrieved from the middle of the shop.


“How about this?”


I looked at it and thought it looked like a bellflower. However, unlike bellflowers, it only had one flower which was rather large. It was also facing downward, but the stem supporting the large flower was surprisingly thin, and I wondered how it was able to support the flower.  It looked like the lanterns hanging from the streamers during the Obon festival.


“This is called a Peach Drop. It sways easily in the wind, so you can enjoy looking at the flowers that look like they would drop anytime but don’t.”



When I merely looked at her, she placed the flower on the counter again. And then, the woman went to the back of the store for a bit and brought back something. Of course, the thing she brought back was also a flower, but my eyes widened when I saw it. This is it, I thought. This flower is perfect.


“This is called a Senedarlin.”


Unlike the flowers she brought me earlier, this one caught my eye the most. The flower was a dark, reddish-purple, and its petals spread in a circular fashion like a dandelion. The petals were quite large, so it kind of resembled a water lily too.


“Do you want this one?”


I gave a small nod at the smiling shopkeeper, and she started wrapping the Senedarlin for me.

The flower was wrapped individually, and not sold as a bouquet. Of course, all the other flowers were beautiful as well, but they would lose their beauty if they were bunched together.


She offered the flower to me. When I took it and smelled it, it smelled like something nostalgic. It didn’t smell floral and it didn’t smell strong either, but it smelled like something I’d always smelled before. It was priced at 4,000 yen per flower. Normally, I would complain that it was too overpriced, but today, I didn’t mind how much it cost. It was a flower that was perfect for me after all. You can’t put a price on a flower that’s exclusively for you. And so, I handed her a 5,000 yen note and she handed me a receipt and a 1,000 yen note.


“What would you like to do with these other flowers?”


The woman smiled as she asked me about what I wanted to do with the other flowers on the counter.


Selmechia. A flower that attracts many bees and butterflies.


“I’m sorry, but Takeru-kun’s cooler than you. Unlike you, he knows a lot of trendy and delicious restaurants, and he’s good at taking the lead. He also has a lot of money. It makes me happy whenever he tells me I’m cute too. I wish you could have done the same. But then, it’s not your fault that you’re so low-level, you know? Then again, it’s not my fault that I’m cute either.”


Lapiscale. It has a lot of pollen and has a large stamen for easy pollination.


“Ami-chan has such large t*ts, you know? I just couldn’t leave them alone. And since she said you were boring and she didn’t have anything to do, we went straight to the hotel after talking a little. I didn’t think that there would be a woman with such thick thighs around, so I didn’t waste any time and took her right away. Prostitutes cost a lot, so I was in for a treat when we got along right away. Anyway, it seems you weren’t a good match with her and I have a nicer face and a bigger thing than you, so I can’t blame her. Oh, and Ami-chan said you were bad in bed too.”


Peach Drop. A large flower that always looks down and sways with the wind.


“Didn’t you say you were thinking of getting married? What are you going to do now? How are you going to explain this to the neighbors and her parents? I was a fool to get my hopes up for you. You’re just like your father whom I left. He was also a boring man who couldn’t get ahead in life. In the end, he was a foolish man who was stuck in shady businesses and was buried neck-deep in debt. Good grief, you’ve also inherited that man’s blood, haven’t you? Nevermind, I don’t expect anything from you anymore. Why do I always have such bad luck?”


“I don’t need those in my life anymore.”

“I see. Then, I’ll just get rid of them here for you.”


With that, the woman ripped off the petals from the Selmechia, cut off the stamen from the Lapiscale, and tore the Peach Drop from its receptacle, the part of the plant that connects the flower from the stem, and proceeded to snap off the stems from all of the flowers and threw them all in a garbage bag.

For a moment, I didn’t think she was a florist by the way she got rid of the flowers, but when she smiled at me, I smiled back. I felt refreshed. I then turned on my heel and was about to leave the store when the woman called out to me.


“Oh right, in the language of flowers, the Senedarlin means, ‘love me,’ ‘punish me,’ and ‘I don’t lie, but I don’t speak of the truth either’.”

“Is that so? Those have very good meanings.”


The bell rang again as I went outside. Before I knew it, the rain had stopped and the sun began to peek out of the clouds. In a sense, it was clearing up just like my mind right now.


A police officer and a young man faced each other in an interrogation room. The policeman wasn’t trying to intimidate him, but he looked rather concerned at the young man who had lost everyone who was important to him in a flash.


“I have just lost my mother, my best friend, and my lover at the same time, so it’s only natural that you would investigate me as well. I’m willing to cooperate in any way that I can, so please don’t worry about it.”


“I’m sorry, I know it’s hard for you right now, but we are just following procedure to conduct an investigation on the victims’ relatives and friends. We know that all three of the victims died at the same time, but during that time, your mother was in Shikoku, your best friend was in Tokyo, and your girlfriend was traveling in Nagoya. With such a distance, it would be impossible for a single person to kill them at the same time, and there were no eyewitness reports that said they saw you anywhere near the victims either. I’m sorry for inviting you even though that’s the case, but I still need to take a statement from you…”


“Oh no, please, there’s no need for you to apologize. I have proof that I was somewhere else during the incident, though. I have a receipt from a flower shop and it has the date and time written on it. Do you want me to show it to you now?”


The policeman nodded, so I took out the receipt from my wallet and showed it to him.


“We will need to take this receipt as evidence of your whereabouts.”

“Sure, go ahead. Oh, and the 5,000 yen note I used to pay the florist might still be there. It might still have my fingerprints on it too.”

“Very well, we’ll also check there just in case. I’m sure the store has surveillance cameras, and the receipt is irrefutable evidence that you were somewhere else during the incident. Thank you for your cooperation. We’ll work hard to find the culprit soon, so please don’t lose heart.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”


I bowed deeply to the policeman so he wouldn’t see the smile on my face.

A Flower For You

A Flower For You

Anata dake no Hana, 貴方だけの花
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
A message affixed to the door of a flower shop saying, “I will choose the flower that suits you best.” The clerk will select and introduce the flowers that suit the customer, but there are only strange flowers that are not found in any other flower shop. Not this one, nor this one. I was strangely attracted to one flower. So what of the flowers that weren’t to your liking? If you don’t need them, then let’s dispose of them.


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