A Daughter’s Hatred chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sneak Peek

I closed the door, then looked up the ceiling. Ugh, God, why give me this kind of family? It can be not like this, right?

I shook off that thought. Maybe, they know what is right and wrong for me. I should think this way, even though I know this is not how it is. It is not right that only their wishes counts. I’m also human! I wish that even for once, they  also listen and place importance to the things that I want.

Once and for all, I am on the right age now and I can think by myself.

For many years, I already suffered. They keep on nagging and comparing me to different people.  The worse thing is they can’t appreciate the things I do. How wish that even those simple things I’ve done have been noticed by them.  It’s not that I need to do bigger and pretty things for them to be happy, do I? The worst part is, they never treated me as their daughter. It is like in a group of friends where if you are poor and they are rich,  you’d be the miserable one. You will always be oppressed.

Because you’re  different.

It hurts because I am their daughter. I cared. They can’t feel that I really love them so they treat me like a trash.

Fine! They called me as their “daughter” but you can’t consider it like as if I’ve been treated as one. Based on their treatment and on how they deal with me, I know it is different. It is the same as having a plastic friends, they called you one but when you turn your back on them, they will stabbed you.

Am I right? I have a point on the things that I say. I wouldn’t talk like a fool. I am just stating the fact! The fact that, my parents will never ever notice someone like me.

I am not that bad and deserving to be treated this unfairly. I just hope that they will tell me the problem so that I won’t feel like a fool and blind while trying to figure out: Why is it like this? Why is it always them? Why is it that they don’t love me?  It is hard. It is hard to always have questions in your mind that will never be answered… or questions which they refuse to answer.

I am Aubrey Cane Suarez, this is my life. This is my story. A simple girl who always cries at night thinking on what happened to our family. What happened to the family that I have loved?

A Daughter’s Hatred

A Daughter’s Hatred

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Filipino
Dear Mom,Thanks for everything and I love you♥


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