A Black Cat’s Tail chapter 2

Chapter 2


The first-period bell rung.

The black cat, punctual as always, jumped onto the windowsill and squatted down looking like a bread loaf with its back to the sunlight. Its tail hangs there gently shaking.

The sun was warm on its back.

It lowered its head to lick its paws. Thinking that it should almost be time, it secretly turned around wanting to have a look at its little girl.

The little girl’s face was round, she had two little pigtails. When she thought about a problem, she would hold her fist against her cheeks, and her meaty little face would  puff up. 1

When she figured out the answer, she would be so happy that she would shake her head, and her two pigtails would also shake with her.

Whenever she was like that, the black cat would feel an itch and want to touch her cheeks.


The black cat wasn’t always on that windowsill to bask in the sun.

Cats, as long as they could bask in the sun without being disturbed, didn’t care about where they were.

But it noticed that the little girl would always look at it secretly, and whenever it tilted its head at her, she would always smile so happily.

But it knew that it wasn’t good to always look at it. The black cat knew that human cubs had to learn a lot of stuff.

So whenever it noticed that the little girl had stared at it for too long, it would leave.

It was raining heavily. The black cat looked up at the slightly opened window.

The rain drifted through the crack and wet the windowsill and the ground.

After hesitating for a while, the black cat jumped up. Its paws stepped onto a puddle, it was cool and uncomfortable.


It put its head against the window, and vaguely saw the little girl lying on the table. The rain hit its face; it was damp and cool.

It wanted to nudge open the window a bit, but the window was too heavy.

After thinking about it, it turned around and stretched out its tail into the gap, slowly swaying.

The bell rang, and it tried to keep its fluffy face on the glass window to see if the little girl had seen it.

Not sure how long it had been, but only when the bell was about to ring for the next class, did it jump down the window sill.

Its flurry tail was wet and dripping water. It squatted on the ground and licked it for a while until it finally felt better.

It thought, It has been a long time…She must have seen me right? If she hasn’t, I’m not coming back.  hmph. 


When the bell rang, it jumped up onto the windowsill, today the weather was nice.

It shook its tail. It was only here to sunbathe, not because it was afraid that a certain someone would cry from not being able to see it.

As usual, its back was towards the sun and its tail hung and swang gently outside the windowsill.

After a while, it thought that the little girl should have finished watching it and so it secretly turned to see her.

The little girl seemed to be extremely happy. When she was raising her hand to answer a question, it seemed like she was going to jump up.

The black cat thought that it must be because she saw it.

With that in mind, its tail swayed more and its ears shook.


The little girl didn’t come to school today.

The black cat squatted on the windowsill and watched for a long time. Today the other human cubs had already arrived, why wasn’t she here yet?

The black cat’s wagging tail stopped moving, only the tip of its tail trembled.

The black cat jumped off the windowsill and slowly walked far away.

The next day, before it jumped onto the windowsill, it hesitated for a moment before jumping up.

The little girl’s seat was still empty. She still hadn’t come yet.

It wagged its tail agitated and hit the windowsill with great force, making a rattling noise.

If she doesn’t come anymore, then I’m not coming anymore. 

If it’s just basking in the sun, then anywhere would do just fine.


On the third day, when the black cat angrily jumped down the window sill, he decided to never come to the windowsill again.

But as it walked, its pace gradually slowed down.

Cat cubs also needed to learn how to hunt, so learning is a very important matter.

Then why was it that she didn’t come?  

It squatted in place and pondered for a while. In the end, it jumped down the building.

Through the trees between the two buildings, it took advantage of the trunk of the big tree next to it, jumped onto the window, and landed on the little girl’s desk.

The human cubs in the whole classroom all screamed in surprise because of its appearance.

But the black cat just bowed its head and sniffed quickly, trying to remember the rarefied smell more deeply.

Just as suddenly appeared, the black cat jumped out of the windowsill and ran down the tree trunk to the direction that it had seen the little girl left the school in before.


The little girl was sick and she was in bed.

Her mom gently rubbed her forehead, and the little girl—with not much strength— nudged against the palm of her mother’s hand.

The little girl in a hoarse voice, whispered: “the cat can’t see me..it will worry…we made a promise.”

Such naive words made the mother gently smiled: “Then, you have to hurry up and get better.”

The little girl pursed her lips. She also wants to hurry up and get better soon.

She closed her eyes, gently drifting into her dreams. In her dream, there was a majestic and good-looking big black cat.

The black cat’s tail…gently swang.


The black cat jumped onto the little girl’s windowsill, and saw her lying in bed. Her face was red, and her eyebrows furrowed as if she were feeling uncomfortable.

The window was tightly closed. The black cat stretched out its claws and scratched on the smooth glass, until finally facing reality.

It jumped down the windowsill and looked around the house before entering the house from the opened kitchen window.

It deftly tracked the little girl’s scent and carefully slipped into the little girl’s room.

It jumped up onto her bedside cabinet and looked down at the sleeping girl. Its front paws slowly kneaded, and its throat involuntarily purred with satisfaction, as its tail swayed gently.

When you wake up, I will reluctantly let you pet me. 


The little girl raised a little black cat, it was big and majestic.. And its eyes were golden.

It would take her to school everyday. It would lay on the window of the building to bask in the sun. It would use the tip of its soft tail to gently touch her.

She really really liked it.

A Black Cat’s Tail

A Black Cat’s Tail

Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
A short fairytale. A little girl and her black cat.


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