A Black Cat’s Tail chapter 1

Chapter 1


A little girl fell in love with a black cat.

That black cat often appeared on the windowsill of a school building. From the seat that the little girl sat at, she could see the windowsill.

Probably because it’s too noisy after class, the black cat would always appear when classes were in session.

The little girl zoned out during class once, and unintentionally looked out of the window and saw it.

The black cat was squatting on the windowsill with its back facing her and its fur shined under the sunlight.

Its little ears trembled from time to time, and its tail hung, gently shaking.

The little girl’s heart was swept away by the sway of the cat’s tail.

She really wanted to pet it.


The black cat liked to sit on the windowsill that the morning sun shone through and sunbathe there.

Although the little girl knew that it wasn’t good to be absent-minded during class, she couldn’t help sneaking glances at the windowsill.

When she could see the black cat, she would be happy for the rest of the day.

But the black cat wasn’t always there, if there wasn’t any sunshine on the windowsill, it wouldn’t appear.

Thinking that she might not be able to see it all day today, the little girl’s heart became cloudy.

The little girl thought about where it would be when it wasn’t in the sun.

Was it hiding in its nest taking a nap?

The little girl imagined the black cat curled up like a ball, sleeping soundly. She couldn’t help but laugh.

If it’s like that, then that’s also good.


Today was a sunny day. The little girl was jumping and dancing as she went to school.

During first period, she secretly looked toward the windowsill.

The beautiful big black cat squatted there, but this time wasn’t facing away from her, but towards her.

Its face was more beautiful than the little girl imagined. It looked as domineering as a little leopard.

The little girl exclaimed in her heart, ah, its eyes were golden!

The big black cat with golden eyes seemed to have noticed her, its head tilted to the side.

The little girl felt very happy. It looked at me!

The black cat didn’t look at her for long. After shifting its gaze, it lifted its paw slowly and started licking. Then it rubbed its cheeks with its already-licked wet paws.

Again and again, it took care of itself very seriously.

The little girl was entranced by it and thought it was so cute.


When the black cat noticed that the little girl was looking at it, it abruptly stopped its actions.

It looked at the little girl, then jumped down the windowsill lightly and fell into a corridor and disappeared.

The little girl was disappointed for a moment, but soon she was happy again.

We got to meet today, and I found out that its eyes are golden. 

All day long, the little girl was very happy.

After going back home, she happily talked to her mother about the black cat, about its golden eyes, and about its tail that always swayed gently outside the windowsill.

The mother rubbed the little girl’s head, she affectionately reminded her: “Don’t be distracted for so long.”

The little girl was a little embarrassed and rubbed her mother’s palm: “I watch it just once a day.”

Though I watched it a little more today, it also left immediately so…


It was a rainy day today, and in the little girl’s heart it was also raining.

It’s definitely not coming today.

After putting down her backpack, she lay down on her desk spiritless.

Why must it rain, can’t it always be a sunny day?

During first period, she listlessly looked at the windowsill. Her vision was clouded by the rain..

But when she squinted and looked carefully, she saw something gently shaking through the slightly opened window.

It was a soft, flexible cat tail. It was black, and you could see who it was at first glance.

The little girl was full of joy, it came!

Although the glass was wet because of the rain, she could see a vague shadow, but she was still very happy.

Rain wasn’t bad, as long as it was willing to appear, then the day in her heart would be sunny.


From that day on, the little girl felt as if she had made a promise with the black cat, that they have to meet everyday.

When the first period’s bell rang, the black cat would jump on the windowsill, and the little girl would take advantage of this time to have a good look at it.

Then, though reluctant to do so, she would force herself to take her eyes off it, and listen to her lessons.

As she had also made a promise with her mom that she can’t always be distracted.

Besides, it seemed to know that she couldn’t look at it all the time. Once she started to stare at it for too long, it would leave.

The little girl knew that others would laugh at her for having that idea.

But that’s how she felt.

She was attending class, and it was basking in the sun. That was enough for both.

As long as she knew it was there, then all was well.

A Black Cat’s Tail

A Black Cat’s Tail

Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
A short fairytale. A little girl and her black cat.


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